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POS Software Tailored To Your Specific Needs

Get an end-to-end, personalized solution for your restaurant with all of the features you need to maximize throughput, grow revenue, and improve guest experience.

  • Point-of-sale
  • Custom menu build
  • Table layouts
  • Labor management
  • Multi-location management

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What Is A Point Of Sale (POS) System?

A POS system consists typically of software that you install on your cash register. The terminal of this register communicates with a master computer. The secondary computer records all the data and transactions and sends this data to your cash register so that you can handle customers.

This system helps you in managing high volumes of credit cards and cash transactions, which you cannot handle manually. When you have this system, your customers can pay by swiping their cards, which is secure for you and your customers. You can protect your system with passwords and track all the orders that every staff member handles. A POS system can also help in cutting down employee theft, as you can monitor all the employees through this system.

Advantages of POS System

A POS system can help you in tracking your orders, maintaining the inventory, analyzing daily profit and loss. Furthermore, your staff can easily communicate with each other. Your sales team can systematically place orders with accuracy. Whenever a salesman places an order, this system automatically updates the details in your system.

Moreover, you can track all the inventory and the most popular selling items. This system can also help in preparing payroll, as it acts as a time clock. You can save money and time by using this feature of your POS system.

What Is A Point Of Sale POS System?

POS Software

The system also works with software that helps in collecting and analyzing all the information about your business. The data contains:

  • Item information
  • Items stock and usage
  • Stock and Inventory
  • Employee time clocking
  • Tax and Discount calculation
  • Payment methods
  • Purchase/Transaction records

1.     Reports and Analytics

POS management software can help a store manager by collecting valuable data and producing reports automatically so that he/she can analyze the results and make intelligent business decisions. With proper records and analytics, business owners and managers can overview the problems, maximize sales, record tax information, determine what inventory to restock, and other business operations.

2.     Customer Details and Accounts

Some POS systems can also save information about different clients, customers, and retailers. Your sales team does not have to enter details every time they perform an activity. They can save time by selecting the name of the individual or company, and all their details (e.g., name, address, and credit card details) will appear automatically. This system also records all the previous orders of a customer. This way, you can offer your customers exclusive deals and inform them about future events. You can also provide special discounts for your potential customers.

3.     Update and Add Features

The best part of having a POS system is that you can, at any point, update or add features depending upon your need, without affecting your previous data and information.

4.     Passwords and Security

You can host all the critical data on servers, so hardware failure and any other damage do not affect your company’s data. Another benefit of this system is that it keeps your business data secure. You can add security methods to protect your confidential data by adding passwords to user profiles.

Point Of Sale POS System | Hardware Software Installation

POS Hardware

POS hardware plays an essential role in making the POS system more efficient and productive. Mostly, the business installs the POS system on a cash register and can connect a card scanner and a receipt printer. You can also provide tablets or mobile devices to your sales team so that they can take orders from different dealers and clients. The device connects the sales team to the warehouse or any other operating department to generate orders instantly, which can make your delivery process faster.

1.     Barcode Reader

Some hardware devices also come with a barcode reader, which can be helpful for departmental stores or marts. This way, your customers do not have to wait in line for hours, and staff members at the counter can quickly record the information of the sold items. These tools can add convenience, security, and professionalism to your business.

2.     Accessible on Different Devices

This system is available on different platforms. Without limiting your operations and transactions to a store, you can operate it from different locations, whether it is a tablet, computer, or smartphone.


Svend Bramsoe at Smart POS can provide you with POS software and hardware so that you can increase your business productivity, efficiency, and time management.  Contact us at 303-309-1218 to setup a free demo.

Different Kinds of POS Systems

What are the different kinds of POS systems? A POS system is a great help for a wide range of business types, from one-door shops to multi-location large companies. To assist you in choosing the best POS system for your business, we have highlighted below a few suggestions with a brief description.

Different Kinds of POS Systems-01


1.     Tablet Point of Sale

This type of POS is popular these days because it requires low investment but offers robust performance. You can use your tablet to operate the software. Some services with credit card processing are free. If you need more features, you need to pay a low monthly subscription fee. You can also connect your tablet to a barcode reader, tablet stand, cash drawer, etc.

This service is best for small retail stores, small theaters, pizzerias, sandwich shops, quick-service restaurants, mobile vendors, coffee shops, salons, art galleries, ice cream parlors, juice bars, professional services, gift shops, etc.

Benefits of Tablet Point of Sale

  • Low price and highly efficient
  • Support in launching an email campaign
  • Increases productivity
  • Big data analysis and cloud support
  • Helps businesses save money on operational costs

2.     Mobile Point-of-Sale

This software is beneficial if your business does not depend on a lot of inventory management. This type of POS helps you in mobilizing your payment process. With many service providers, you can connect your mobile with a portable receipt printer, or you can also email receipts to your customers. Smartphone POS services can help in managing inventory, customer information, and processing payments.

This application is ideal for daycare providers, contracted professional services, street vendors, freelance or contract workers, street vendors, lawn care services, farmers market vendors, fair or event vendors, limo service, mobile service, or music vendors.

Benefits of Mobile Point of Sale

  • Cuts through hours of long lines
  • Provides customers with an email receipt
  • Maintains records in the customer database
  • Reduces error and improves time efficiency
  • Improves overall customer experience
  • Operatable from anywhere

3.     Terminal POS

You can see a terminal POS system in most of the businesses at the counter. This system requires hardware and software to work, but most systems still require online access and cloud-based software. You can purchase a complete set, including a cash drawer, barcode scanners, etc. You can restrict employee internet access as you can configure it only to run the POS system.

Terminal POS system can be essential for businesses, such as magazine stores, spas, full-service restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques, books stores, electronic stores, busy retail shops, etc.

4.     Online Point-of-Sale

The best thing about this system is that you can log in to your online POS system on your tablet or PC from anywhere. The start-up cost is minimal. It is better to use a tablet instead of a PC because a touchscreen eases the handling and does not require much learning before use.

Small retailers, pet groomers, art galleries, high-ticket retailers, salons, consignment stores, small cafes, etc., can use this service.

Benefits of Online Point of Sale

  • Quick and Cost-effective
  • Reporting
  • Enhances cash flow
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Powers upselling and cross-selling
  • Improves customer relationship management
  • Power internet management


5.     Self-Service Kiosk POS

Kiosk POS system is a specialized solution for your business that can help you with a specific purpose. For instance, this system can be a great help if you manage parking payments. You can place this system in your large retails stores so that your customers can look up product availability and price. Self-service can also be helpful in clinics for patient check-ins and human resources, for example, employment applications.

Some industries replace kiosks with mobile devices, but the functionality remains the same e.g., check-in management, product look-up, ticket selling, etc.

The self-service kiosk POS system is useful in transportation businesses, product look-up, parking, human resource, grocery stores, hospitals, etc.

Benefits of Self Service Point of Sale

  • Improved customer service
  • Speedy response to customer queries
  • Enhanced order accuracy
  • Increased revenue


Even a small business can start with an affordable option POS system that offers the features of robust POS systems for large companies. A POS system provides your business with a complete solution to facilitate your customers by providing better customer service, quick sales process, etc. If you want to know further about choosing the right type of POS system for your business, you can contact us at 303-309-1218.

What To Look For In A Great POS System

The present era of technology and innovation has elevated competition in the business world. Running a business smoothly, plus effectively has been the biggest concern. If you have been going through the same business stability loop, then let go of the stress. Instead, start investing in a great POS system. Before you make any investments, you need to understand a POS system and what features a great POS system needs to have.

Let’s get started!

What is a POS system?

The POS stands for point-of-sale.

A point of sale system records the information about a sale. The transaction takes place between a retailer and a customer. In the first step, the retailer calculates the amount that the customer owes for purchasing the products. The second step is to create an invoice that indicates the total amount. Thirdly, the customer has to pay through either cash or card.

Types of POS Systems

There are three types of POS systems, such as:

  • Terminal POS- hardware and software-based system
  • Mobile POS- Portable and flexible system
  • Cloud POS – online and web-based system

Five Things to Look For in a Great POS System

Before you dive into purchasing a POS system, there are a few things that you should consider first.

Below, we have listed the five prime features that make a POS system the greatest of all.

1.     Inventory Management

A good POS system would show accountability and visibility at the store all the time.

The POS system based on real-time would prove great for the company, as it would constantly increase or decrease stock after viewing the inventory condition every next minute of the day. Such frequent stock adjustments would eradicate any mishap in the future; also add up to good customer experience.

2.     Customer Management

A great POS system would have the feature of saving customer records. This way, the company can provide efficient services to the customers in the future.

Moreover, the following factors would help you find a great POS system. Remember to check if the POS system:

  • Manages customer profiles in the POS
  • Creates and saves the customer information during the transaction
  • Inputs customer’s contact info directly into the POS
  • Has options to input other info of customers related to business or personal information
  • Allows keeping the record of customer’s driving license and his/her age.

3.     Sales Reporting

The key feature of an effective POS system would be the ability to create a sturdy report on total sales. The system should report 24/7, every minute, hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly. This would make it easier for the owners to calculate the company’s progress and make improvements where needed.

4.     Employee Management

Few people know that POS systems can also manage employees. Whether you’re initiating a startup or adding a POS system to your functional business, employees can be the major reason for the company’s fall or rise.

It is necessary to look out for a POS system that does an exceptional job at managing your employees throughout the day. POS employee management includes:

  • Measuring employee’s daily performance
  • Keeping track of employee hours
  • Employee’s productivity
  • Number of days worked in a month
  • Absentees in a month
  • Sick leaves in a month

5.     Integration

Most softwares come with good POS systems. Remember to check if the POS system you are planning to purchase can easily integrate with third party software. It is essential, as it would streamline all the company’s operations.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a perfect POS system for your business, then it’s just a click away. Contact Svend Bramsoe at Smart POS, and avail the best packages and pricing on POS systems. It is time that you make the most profit out of your venture.

I Have An Old POS System. Do I Need To Update It?

Do you need to update your old POS system? The technology today is quite different from what is was 10 years ago. You see something innovative in the digital market, which quickly makes the previous inventions look old. Similar is the case with POS systems. They need constant upgradation with the evolution occurring in the digital world. Otherwise, your business might end up with lowest profits and market share. Worst scenario could be shutting down the whole venture.

To prevent such a situation, you need to investigate your POS system and change the hardware and software where needed. For your convenience, we’ve listed 5 signs that will indicate that you need to upgrade your POS system as soon as possible.

5 Signals That You Need To Upgrade Your Old POS System

Slow Software, Various Bugs And Difficult To Operate

Did POS processor take too long to input the cost of the product?

Perhaps, you are seeing constant bugs in the system. These bugs are delaying the transaction procedure and causing your customer to wait too long. That could be a major downer.

Now, technology has progressed to a point where everything happens with just one click. But, if that’s not the case with your POS system and the employee has to do a lot of hustling to complete the transaction, then it is a clear indication that your POS system software needs an upgrade. Otherwise, your employees will become less efficient and lose their motivation to invest their time in your business.

Outdated Hardware

Oh, you accept only cash, but what about the customers who rely on credit and debit cards?

The option you have is to either upgrade your POS system or lose some valuable customers. You have to choose wisely. Moreover, purchase an internet device too, as some customers might also pay through their digital wallets or bitcoins.

Restricted Integration

If your software does not connect with any digital device you add to the system, then you need to change your software. Instead, replace it with the one that is easily compatible with a variety of devices.

Old-School Features

Previously, tracking your inventory digitally seemed a big deal. However, it is quite a basic task today due to the modern POS systems. To upgrade your POS features and hop onto the trendy flow, customize the software in a way that it records your available and exhausted inventory every hour of the day. Also, you should opt for daily reports instead of the per month reports.

Non-Portable POS System

A heavy POS system is one thing, but if it does not even move from its place, it is time that you change your POS system. The wires might jumble up and take too long to untangle, frustrating the employees and affecting their overall performance. As a result, your business will see fewer sales and lower profits.

Bottom Line

Upgrading your POS system from scratch will take a big investment. However, the results will double the money you invest in a few days. Not a bad deal, right?

But letting professionals examine the POS system will make sure that the investment doesn’t go in vain. Still worried who to approach?

Stress no more because we are here to help you out. Contact us today by visiting Smart POS, because its time to turn the tables!

Svend Bramsoe

What hardware do I need for my POS system and how much will it cost?

hardware-needed-for-pos-system-01POS systems come in many flavors with a variety of different costs. The hardware you need for your point of sale system, and the cost of the equipment will vary depending on the system you choose. Evo produces effective and affordable systems tailored to your company’s needs.

What Hardware do I need for a POS System?

A POS system typically requires payment terminals, registers, computers, and possibly additional hardware for such features as fingerprint recognition. The hardware you need depends on the legal and physical environment in which you operate. A pizzeria performing delivery differs greatly from the barbeque restaurant down the street.

pos-hardware-consultant-restaurants-bars-nightclubs-colorado-midwest-02Smaller and more mobile solutions are entering the market as well. Some companies offer a small plug and play device for a tablet. These devices tend to have fewer features and be less secure than a dedicated solution but are an option for smaller businesses.

A full POS increases efficiency in a variety of ways. Many such as Smarter POS contain time sheet and inventory management in addition to ticketing and payment systems.

Dedicated solutions provide the exact answer to your needs. Hardware ranges from touchscreens at the actual point of sale to the printer in the kitchen.

What equipment is required for a table payment or mobile system?

The world is going increasingly mobile. Tablets and handheld devices are increasingly common. These technologies increase efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

SecureTablePay combines state of the art payment processing with the speed of a mobile solution. By closing orders at the table, our system reduces the need to run between your customer and dedicated terminal. All that is required is a handheld device attached to your network.

Mobile systems can also reduce waste, providing a green benefit to your company. Closing open orders at the table via a mobile terminal avoids the need for a receipt. SecureTablePay allows customers to choose whether they want a receipt and in turn improves security and efficiency.

What POS software is available?

The number of POS systems available grows every year. Most companies require purchasing hardware. Even Stripe and Clover require purchasing their card processing equipment.

The software available ranges from the inventory tracking and payment processing available from nearly every provider to the time management and loyalty management applications available from Evo. Our company will work with you to provide whatever you require.

What does a point of sale system cost?


POS systems vary in cost depending on the features available. Smaller options such as PayPal and strip typically cost less than $500. When a more complex system is required, prices climb to $2500 or more.

Cost is entirely dependent on your needs. If you only need card processing and do not require the backend services and efficiencies that full solutions provide, the cost is lower than if you need fingerprinting or the routing solutions needed by a delivery company.

Smarter POS is a complete solution tailored to your business requirements at a reasonable price. Our satisfied customers include major chains such as Dairy Queen as well and the Denver Botanic gardens. Contact us today for a free quote. We will help you figure out exactly what hardware is required and how much it will cost.

Svend Bramsoe


How Much Does a Point of Sale System Cost? Expert Point of Sale. (2019). Available at

What is a Point of Sale (POS) System

what-is-pos-system-top-vendor-colorado-01Restaurants are businesses. Businesses need to track employee timesheets, manage payments, and make money. What is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an integrated hardware and software solution that allows you to easily manage the day to day operations of your restaurant.

What functions does a point of sale system provide?

Point of sale systems handle a variety of tasks related to the daily and even quarterly operation of your food and beverage business. They track inventory, process payments, calculate sales tax, handle payroll, and can manage loyalty programs.

Extensive solutions offer hardware that covers every part of your business. This includes not only the register, back office, and handheld payment system but the ticket printer in the kitchen as well. Every aspect of your operations is covered by a POS system.

The restaurant industry is a particularly fleeting industry. Managers and employees often change companies after only a single year. This means that your company needs to easily track every aspect of business.

Our system, Smarter POS, offers additional features as well including paperless sales and integration with handheld devices. This allows you to achieve even greater revenue per person per hour.

What hardware options are available for POS systems?

Point of sale systems are keeping up with the newest technologies. This includes access to tablets, terminals, and mobile devices.

Finding the right point of sale system requires deciphering what hardware is required by your restaurant. Wait staff may require handheld devices and tablets. Weight scales may be necessary if you have an attached deli. Restaurants are unique and solutions need to meet your needs.

The Smarter POS is highly customizable. We not only offer customizable buttons and a brand specific look and feel but will create whatever software required by your company. A brewery is not the same as a deli or pizzeria.

How secure are POS systems

Security is a major concern in the modern world. Retailers need to be keenly aware of the issues facing payment processing and information management. The recent hack of Target’s customer data occurred through the air conditioning system.

Retailers face additional issues when processing payments. Credit card fraud is a common form of identity theft. 37 percent of all card fraud includes counterfeiting while an additional fourteen percent is the result of lost or stolen cards.

SecureTablePay, a part of Smarter POS, offers a full set of security features. Data is encrypted and our hardware systems include pin and chip readers. Additionally, our software is paperless and requires no receipts.

Will a POS system work outdoors

POS systems work on your network. This means that the same hardware extending your wi-fi connection makes your system available everywhere. New technologies are making networks increasingly potent in even the worst scenarios.

Evo Payment Solutions offers consulting to ensure that your POS system is available everywhere. We provide help with extra routers and networking cables to connect your hardware. Your system is available whether your location has a large deck or many different rooms and booths.

Just what is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an all-encompassing solution allowing you to easily manage your restaurant operations. Smarter POS offers an abundance of efficiencies that help improve your efficiency and profits. Contact us today to find out more.


How Much Does a Point of Sale System Cost? Expert Point of Sale. (2019):

Point of Sale System in Colorado

best-point-of-sale-system-pos-information-01A Point of Sale System in Colorado, also know as a POS system, is the central hub of any business. They vastly improve operations by streamlining inventory and ordering, allowing for ease of accounting, ensuring accuracy of orders, enhancing marketing and loyalty programs, protecting against theft and so much more.

In this day and age, a Colorado based business without a POS system is missing out on an advanced system that can help them grow and improve their bottom line.

Streamlining your business

POS systems assist with every aspect of your business. Here are some must have capabilities of these remarkable technologies.

Sales reporting

pos-system-cc-payments-secure-hardware-installation-support-colorado-02Reporting sales has never been easier. Many POS systems are cloud based, and because each transaction is run through this central system, every order gets tracked and can be viewed right from your personal computer. Simply log in to your POS systems backend to instantly view snapshots or detailed graphs of your sales broken down by the hour, day, week, and month.

Customer management

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is essential in gaining and retaining loyal customers. POS systems automatically store your customers information and offer loyalty program options for your customers to opt into. This makes outreach much much accessible and easier to manage.

With the simple action of swiping their cards, your customers are working towards a reward with each purchase at your business. This massively incentivizing feature is too good to miss, and keeps your customers coming back for more.

Inventory management

best-pos-system-company-midwest-usa-03Tracking inventory and knowing exactly how much product is going in and out of your business another key to success. Many systems do the work for you by alerting you of when items get low and need to be restocked.

Gone are the days of spending hours recording inventory and creating several separate order sheets. POS systems can combine multiple vendor orders into one large order which saves you time and reduces stress.

Employee management

Nobody can run a large scale business alone, and successful, hard working employees can make all of the difference in your reputation and operational prosperity. POS systems help you track employee success by giving each of them a unique code to use as they punch in and out of work. This means you can easily track their movements to see, for example, which employees are producing the most sales.

Theft & security

Every business owner wants to trust that their employees will do the right thing, but unfortunately not all people are as honorable as they say. POS systems come with an added layer of security to minimize theft potential.

For more information, please visit our main website at:

How to Improve Sales in 2018

Improve salesWith e-commerce still the most popular way of shopping, it’s important for brick and mortar retail stores to think about the ways they can improve sales. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to improve the amount of traffic entering your store, thus increasing sales. Some of the best are described below.

Consider Your Curb Appeal

Improve salesSmart retailers understand curb appeal is important and when done right, can lead to more customers. This is why the top clothing stores employ experts to build their window displays, as well as window cleaners and painters to ensure the front of their stores look great. Step outside your store and examine it from the point of view of a customer. If it looks old and shabby, it’s time to improve it. It shouldn’t take too long to improve and will lead to improved sales.

Invest in Employee Training

You can have the best sales promotions, the tidiest stores, and a beautiful storefront, but if your employees provide poor services, the customer shopping experience will fall short and you won’t impress or improve sales. Your sales staff need to be trained in how to speak to customers correctly, how to upsell certain products, and how to anticipate the customers’ needs. A fully trained staff is worth their weight in gold.

Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing has been huge online in 2017, and it’s only set to continue in 2018. Identify social influencers in your area and ask them to come to your store and help promote it. You will usually have to pay for their services, but it’s a really effective way of driving more traffic.

Consider Your Point of Sale

Improve salesOne place that many retail stores neglect to optimize is their Point of Sale area. This area can be filled with low priced items that your staff can then help to upsell. You may only be adding a few dollars to the price of each customer’s shopping, but this can really add up and is a great way to encourage your customers to make some last-minute purchases. You can also use this area to advertise new products and shift old stock!

If you need any help with improving sales and building an effective Point of Sale, get in touch with us today and speak to the best Point of Sale consultant in Colorado!

To learn more about the advanced features and capabilities of  PoS system, contact Colorado’s top PoS consultant  at 303-309-1218 for a free consultation.

How to Take Point of Sale Marketing One Step Further

Lots of retail stores use point of sale marketing to drive last-minute sales. It can be a very effective way to incentivize customers into buying small ticket items while waiting in the checkout queue. However, it is actually possible to take your point of sale marketing even further. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate:

Incorporate Your Employees

point of saleVisit a store like Walgreens and their checkout staff will ask you if you’re interested in buying any nuts or candy. It might be a small purchase, but it adds to the total of their order, increasing your profits. Instead of just expecting your display advertising to do all the work for you, encourage your employees to upsell and sit back and see the results.


Analyze Your Sales

point of saleYou might think that gum would sell best at the sales counter, but how do you know this? Why not change your point of sale displays around and see which items tend to sell the best? You could also place two different Point of Sale items near your checkout counter and see which ones sell out first. Keep an eye on your sales and see which leads to the highest profits.

Speak to Your Vendors

point of saleIf you are promoting a new product or a vendor has asked you to increase sales of their item, speak to them and ask them what usually works. Most will be happy to offer advice if it will help you sell more of their items. The vendor may be able to advise on where in the store to place your item, and how to display it correctly. This is valuable advice that you may be able to use for other products in the future.


Consider High Traffic Areas

point of saleIf you have a lot of products that you want to market or your items aren’t low priced, you’ll want to consider areas other than the till to place them. Does a certain area of your store receive a lot of traffic? If so, place some display stands here. You could also place some stands close to the entrance of the store, so long as it doesn’t disrupt the traffic coming through.


Your Point of Sale marketing doesn’t end the second you place items near the checkout. For more detailed advice, contact us and set up a meeting with the best PoS consultant in Colorado today.

To learn more about the advanced features and capabilities of  PoS system, contact Colorado’s top PoS consultant  at 303-309-1218 for a free consultation.

What is Point of Sale Marketing?

Point of Sale (PoS) marketingPoint of Sale (PoS) marketing means encouraging customers to buy additional items at the time the primary purchase is actually made. Quite often this is at the till or checkout point, but it can also be in specific locations around a store, such as marketing a new drink next to a drink aisle in the supermarket. It’s a staple part of marketing in retail and restaurant environments and can lead to increased sales if done correctly.

The Different Types of Point of Sale Marketing

The most common method of Point of Sale marketing is a merchandise display. You may have noticed a beef jerky display close to the checkout in a gas station, for instance, or the low-ticket item displays located in between the checkouts in supermarkets. Starbucks is also a good example of this kind of marketing, as they create a display of their own branded items close to the till in pretty much every store.

However, Point of Sale marketing doesn’t just include merchandise displays. It can also involve suggested selling by staff, discounts for future products printed on receipts, and the use of signage in a store to encourage customers to seek out and purchase a specific item.

When is Point of Sale Marketing Effective?

Point of Sale (PoS) marketing

Point of Sale marketing is most effective when small ticket items are involved. Customers usually pick them up as impulse purchases when standing in the queue at the checkout, for example. It also works best for customers who aren’t specifically loyal to a certain brand. For example, having a fridge full of cold Coca-Cola cans placed near to a till will not encourage loyal Pepsi consumers to buy a can, but most non-loyal Pepsi consumers will be interested.

Point of Sale items are also often billed as ‘sale’ or ‘cheap’ items, which appeals to customers who regularly watch their pennies. Those who like trying new items are also tempted to buy from PoS displays that are billed as ‘item of the week’. The key to building an effective display is knowing who your customers are and what type of marketing they are most susceptible to.

Point of Sale marketing can be a really great way to increase sales on items that customers would otherwise not have considered buying. If you need some help building a marketing campaign, get in touch with us and talk to the best PoS consultant in Colorado.

To learn more about the advanced features and capabilities of  PoS system, contact Colorado’s top PoS consultant  at 303-309-1218 for a free consultation.