How to Take Point of Sale Marketing One Step Further

Lots of retail stores use point of sale marketing to drive last-minute sales. It can be a very effective way to incentivize customers into buying small ticket items while waiting in the checkout queue. However, it is actually possible to take your point of sale marketing even further. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate:

Incorporate Your Employees

point of saleVisit a store like Walgreens and their checkout staff will ask you if you’re interested in buying any nuts or candy. It might be a small purchase, but it adds to the total of their order, increasing your profits. Instead of just expecting your display advertising to do all the work for you, encourage your employees to upsell and sit back and see the results.


Analyze Your Sales

point of saleYou might think that gum would sell best at the sales counter, but how do you know this? Why not change your point of sale displays around and see which items tend to sell the best? You could also place two different Point of Sale items near your checkout counter and see which ones sell out first. Keep an eye on your sales and see which leads to the highest profits.

Speak to Your Vendors

point of saleIf you are promoting a new product or a vendor has asked you to increase sales of their item, speak to them and ask them what usually works. Most will be happy to offer advice if it will help you sell more of their items. The vendor may be able to advise on where in the store to place your item, and how to display it correctly. This is valuable advice that you may be able to use for other products in the future.


Consider High Traffic Areas

point of saleIf you have a lot of products that you want to market or your items aren’t low priced, you’ll want to consider areas other than the till to place them. Does a certain area of your store receive a lot of traffic? If so, place some display stands here. You could also place some stands close to the entrance of the store, so long as it doesn’t disrupt the traffic coming through.


Your Point of Sale marketing doesn’t end the second you place items near the checkout. For more detailed advice, contact us and set up a meeting with the best PoS consultant in Colorado today.

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