What is Point of Sale Marketing?

Point of Sale (PoS) marketingPoint of Sale (PoS) marketing means encouraging customers to buy additional items at the time the primary purchase is actually made. Quite often this is at the till or checkout point, but it can also be in specific locations around a store, such as marketing a new drink next to a drink aisle in the supermarket. It’s a staple part of marketing in retail and restaurant environments and can lead to increased sales if done correctly.

The Different Types of Point of Sale Marketing

Point of Sale (PoS) marketingThe most common method of Point of Sale marketing is a merchandise display. You may have noticed a beef jerky display close to the checkout in a gas station, for instance, or the low-ticket item displays located in between the checkouts in supermarkets. Starbucks is also a good example of this kind of marketing, as they create a display of their own branded items close to the till in pretty much every store.

However, Point of Sale marketing doesn’t just include merchandise displays. It can also involve suggested selling by staff, discounts for future products printed on receipts, and the use of signage in a store to encourage customers to seek out and purchase a specific item.

When is Point of Sale Marketing Effective?

Point of Sale (PoS) marketing

Point of Sale marketing is most effective when small ticket items are involved. Customers usually pick them up as impulse purchases when standing in the queue at the checkout, for example. It also works best for customers who aren’t specifically loyal to a certain brand. For example, having a fridge full of cold Coca-Cola cans placed near to a till will not encourage loyal Pepsi consumers to buy a can, but most non-loyal Pepsi consumers will be interested.

Point of Sale items are also often billed as ‘sale’ or ‘cheap’ items, which appeals to customers who regularly watch their pennies. Those who like trying new items are also tempted to buy from PoS displays that are billed as ‘item of the week’. The key to building an effective display is knowing who your customers are and what type of marketing they are most susceptible to.

Point of Sale marketing can be a really great way to increase sales on items that customers would otherwise not have considered buying. If you need some help building a marketing campaign, get in touch with us and talk to the best PoS consultant in Colorado.

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