Quick Service POS

Quick Service Restaurant POS System

review survey comparison SpotOn point of sale POS vs square clover toastYour quick-service restaurant needs to move fast, not only to keep your guests satisfied but also to keep up with a fast-changing industry. Smarter POS Inc. will install a new SpotOn system with lightning-fast point-of-sale, integrated digital loyalty rewards to drive repeat visits, and robust hardware and software to streamline operations—tools that work together to save you time, save you money, and increase revenue.

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Custom POS Solutions for Quick Service Restaurants

Our POS solutions will increase sales, cut costs, and help manage the day-to-day operations of your quick service restaurant. Our platform combines a fast and easy point-of-sale with digital loyalty, contactless payments, unparalleled reporting, labor management, and more.

The Best Quick Service Restaurant Point-of-Sale System

Smarter POS Inc. will help you work faster and smarter with a quick-service POS system that combines all the features you need to create an amazing guest experience.

  • Custom menu build & table layouts
  • Lightning-fast ordering & payments
  • Handheld POS with contactless payments
  • Guest Wi-Fi with email capture
  • Real-time updates & reporting
  • Remote back office
  • Multi-location management