Complete POS System for Live Music Venues

Hardware Solutions: Best-in-Class & Industry Proven

  • Ergonomic hardware for dual purpose interaction
  • Dynamic services in all areas, from seats to tabletops Designs built to streamline 
  • Maximize space usage with compact devices
  • Provide simultaneous transactions on a single device
  • Contactless capabilities via built in scanners, dual cameras, tap-to-pay efficient
  • Guest interactions & promotional opportunities
  • Easily manage large transaction volumes
  • Flexible hardware design for simple navigation & payment
  • Customizable front screens for show promotions, ads, cart details

Industry Standard: Proven Solution for Live Music Venues

  • Concessions
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Kiosk
  • Inventory
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Image based item buttons, improves transaction speed, easy to use
  • Versatile hardware options, allows you to change from POS to Kiosk on the fly
  • Intuitive UI, proven to facilitate faster order rates, especially for high volume transactions
  • Robust access and interaction for customized display and menu options towards branding
  • Comprehensive back office solutions that include inventory management & fulfillment
  • Full featured Kitchen Display solutions
  • Hawking and Vending management Back Office Management
  • Food & Beverage POS: Fixed and Portable Solutions

Self-Service Solutions: Interact Kiosks & Self-Checkout

  • Customizable attract screen perfect for promotional space
  • Automatic upselling & item pairings
  • 2D barcode scanner for item barcodes, QR codes, items, discounts, loaded or stored value
  • Visitor Service to remember previous orders and allow for favorites
  • Automated order status SMS messaging
  • Versatile configuration for Order & Pay,

Grab and Go, Pay at Cashier Interact Web: Virtual POS

  • Concession Stand
  • In-Seat Delivery
  • Hawking
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Scan + Go

Extensive Front-of-House and Back-of-House Solution, Allows you to Run Your Business with a Single POS Solution Throughout Your Venue.

  • Single solution, seamless user experience and guest journey in venue
  • Customizable user screens
  • Preferred partnerships with inventory & e-commerce solution providers
  • Hardware compatible with both F&B and Retail areas, lower TCO

Get Started Today with a Point of Sale System for Your Venue

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