Do Marijuana Dispensaries Need Special POS Systems?

Do marijuana dispensaries need special POS systems? There should be no doubt that each POS system is different from the other, because of the different business types, rules and employee policies. For example, a grocery might have flexible hours for the employees, taking turns at the payment counter. On the other hand, a hotel will have fixed shift hours for the employees. In a nutshell, it all depends on the nature of the business.

The question remains. Why do dispensaries require a personalized or as some call it, special POS system?

Before getting into those details, you should know all about a dispensary, its type, nature and products offered.

What Is A Marijuana  Dispensary?

A cannabis dispensary provides people with different forms of cannabis derived medications. the dispensary must abide by the country or state’s laws and regulations, if it dispenses legal cannabis medications. While it may seem like just another ordinary retail store, a dispensary has stricter rules to follow and bigger responsibilities to fulfill. Any issues with inventory management can lead to people not getting the medications they need. It can prove to be a life threatening situation for people with serious medical conditions.

In short, a dispensary needs a robust Point of Sale system more than a retail store or any other type of business for that matter. In addition to the inventory management, your POS system should also provide you with detailed reports of the business sales. At the end of the day, a dispensary is also a business that needs money to run.

Healing people and harming no one is the goal. Let’s look into further explanation of why the POS system has to be special for a dispensary and what makes it different from others?

Why Does A Marijuana Dispensary Need A Special POS System?

There are three main reasons for a marijuana dispensary to have a unique POS system. Such as:

1.     Patient’s Health At Risk

Dispensaries dispense medicines that can range from ordinary painkillers to life-saving drugs. For your dispensary, you need strict POS coding that makes sure that no customer gets medicine without prescription so you can avoid the risk of big mishaps. Also, dispensary POS systems save customer information. Consequently, the next time the same customers comes with a completely different prescription from before, the dispensary staff can investigate him/her before giving out the medicines.

2.     Keeping A Strict Check On The Inventory

You never know about the intentions of employees working at the dispensary. Thus, a special POS system would record the quantity of the stock available. It compares the number of medicines sold to the quantity available in the inventory. If there is any unexplained difference, the company would know who to blame. Here, security cameras can also be of great help. By investigating such matters, you can maintain dispensary’s reputation.

3.     Serving At Different Locations

A special POS system includes a central database server. This will allow the dispensary to serve at different locations and still have a time-to-time update of each store’s total sales. Such centralized database ensures that the area manager or the owner is always aware of how his/her dispensaries are performing despite having many of them.

Bottom Line

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