What is a Point of Sale (POS) System

what-is-pos-system-top-vendor-colorado-01Restaurants are businesses. Businesses need to track employee timesheets, manage payments, and make money. What is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an integrated hardware and software solution that allows you to easily manage the day to day operations of your restaurant.

What functions does a point of sale system provide?

Point of sale systems handle a variety of tasks related to the daily and even quarterly operation of your food and beverage business. They track inventory, process payments, calculate sales tax, handle payroll, and can manage loyalty programs.

Extensive solutions offer hardware that covers every part of your business. This includes not only the register, back office, and handheld payment system but the ticket printer in the kitchen as well. Every aspect of your operations is covered by a POS system.

The restaurant industry is a particularly fleeting industry. Managers and employees often change companies after only a single year. This means that your company needs to easily track every aspect of business.

Our system, Smarter POS, offers additional features as well including paperless sales and integration with handheld devices. This allows you to achieve even greater revenue per person per hour.

What hardware options are available for POS systems?

Point of sale systems are keeping up with the newest technologies. This includes access to tablets, terminals, and mobile devices.

Finding the right point of sale system requires deciphering what hardware is required by your restaurant. Wait staff may require handheld devices and tablets. Weight scales may be necessary if you have an attached deli. Restaurants are unique and solutions need to meet your needs.

The Smarter POS is highly customizable. We not only offer customizable buttons and a brand specific look and feel but will create whatever software required by your company. A brewery is not the same as a deli or pizzeria.

How secure are POS systems

Security is a major concern in the modern world. Retailers need to be keenly aware of the issues facing payment processing and information management. The recent hack of Target’s customer data occurred through the air conditioning system.

Retailers face additional issues when processing payments. Credit card fraud is a common form of identity theft. 37 percent of all card fraud includes counterfeiting while an additional fourteen percent is the result of lost or stolen cards.

SecureTablePay, a part of Smarter POS, offers a full set of security features. Data is encrypted and our hardware systems include pin and chip readers. Additionally, our software is paperless and requires no receipts.

Will a POS system work outdoors

POS systems work on your network. This means that the same hardware extending your wi-fi connection makes your system available everywhere. New technologies are making networks increasingly potent in even the worst scenarios.

Evo Payment Solutions offers consulting to ensure that your POS system is available everywhere. We provide help with extra routers and networking cables to connect your hardware. Your system is available whether your location has a large deck or many different rooms and booths.

Just what is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an all-encompassing solution allowing you to easily manage your restaurant operations. Smarter POS offers an abundance of efficiencies that help improve your efficiency and profits. Contact us today to find out more.


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