Point of Sale System Hardware Costs

What are the point of sale system hardware costs? Before you decide the point of sale system for your business, you should check if you have the investment to get such a set-up or not.

Purchasing POS software is comparatively easier and far cheaper than the basic hardware that you need to operate a POS system effectively. Remember that every POS system is different in terms of cost, quality, and functions. Therefore, you cannot use a hospitality POS system at a hospital or a dispensary POS system in a restaurant.

Indeed, predicting POS hardware’s price is simpler than predicting the price of the software. The software is according to business needs and wants. Also, the software requires modification from time to time whereas the hardware will work perfectly fine even after years of purchase.

Note that all the hardware which you plan to purchase should be compatible with the software that you have on your POS system.

Let us look at the cost of each basic and additional hardware component suitable for a POS system.

Point of Sale System Hardware Costs

1.    Touchscreen POS Terminal

A cash register requires a computer screen. However, if you replace the ordinary screen with a touch screen, it will save the manual keyboard cost. Also, if the touchscreen is not the right option, then a 12 inch POS monitor is available at around $160 and an extended size of 15 inch at $190 and above.

2.    POS Tablets

An iPad can support only a few POS systems and it can be quite expensive too. Therefore, the best option is to get a non-iOS tablet for your point of sale system. For instance, to compare, we will mention both the portable electronic devices’ cost, then you can decide which suits best.

IPad cost range: $170-$300

Non-iPad Tablet Cost range: $100-$200

A big benefit of going with an Android tablet is that they connect with several POS vendors, which is why you might get the hardware at a reasonable cost, and it will automatically connect with the POS software. A win-win situation.

3.    Credit Card Terminals

Every business wants to expand its customer base. Therefore, skipping a CC terminal can result into low profit margins, which can even shut the business down. Despite the CC terminal’s model, specification, and warranty, the electronic device can be between $ 100 and $400.

4.    Receipt Printers

Purchasing a receipt printer is essential, both for the business and the customer. The reason being, the customers start trusting the business when they receive authentic and official billing receipts. On the other hand, the business gets to keep a hard-copy record in a case where the electronic system shuts down.

The cost of a receipt printer depends on the number of papers you are printing in a day. The cost of one print can be between $0.015 and 0.05. So, if the company prints 1000 bills a day, then the total cost ranges from $5,475-$18,250.

5.    Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner fastens the whole billing procedure; thus, the whole business runs efficiently. Also, if your store wants to make slight amendments in any product’s price then by changing the value through the code would do it. A barcode scanner can be anywhere between $185 and $210.

Bottom Line

Surely, finding reliable and honest vendors is quite a task, but not when you have the right people by your side. At Smart POS, we believe in happy customers. We have the best products for our customers at reasonable costs and with adequate warranties.


Svend Bramsoe

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