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support-small-business-colorado-possmart-pos coloradoDesigned as a turnkey solution that can grow with your business, Smart POS offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your business. Smart POS can provide integrated time and attendance, integrated credit card payments, gift card & loyalty, inventory control, table side ordering & payment, real time alerts, mobile management & a robust back office to help increase revenue, cut costs & boost your bottom line.

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POS Software Tailored To Your Specific Needs

Get an end-to-end, personalized solution for your restaurant with all of the features you need to maximize throughput, grow revenue, and improve guest experience.

  • Point-of-sale
  • Custom menu build
  • Table layouts
  • Labor management
  • Multi-location management

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POS Hardware – What Do I Need?

What POS Hardware do you need? Setting up a shop can be difficult. You need to make many decisions so that you can save your time and money to dedicate them to the growth of your business. In the process of decision-making, you should also give a thought to what POS hardware you should install to facilitate your business. Below are some hardware options for you to consider depending upon the size of your business and requirement.

1.     The Main POS Device

The most significant hardware that you require is the device that runs your POS system. You have to choose the device based on the type of POS system you choose. Some POS systems are compatible with Android devices, while others with iOS. Consider your needs and ease to pick one for your business.

You can also choose a touch screen handy device so that your staff can operate the system while roaming on the floor or a PC for your counter. The choice of equipment depends on your business plan. If you have a restaurant business, you should consider a system that allows your servers to take orders on a tablet. Choosing an advanced tool will leave an impact on your customers that you are up-to-date with the latest technology. Or, if you own a mart, you can place PCs at the counters where your customers can check out.

2.     Touch Screen Interface

If you do not want an old-school system, you can go for a touch-screen interface. This interface is convenient to use, and you can smoothly perform inventory control, transactions, order processing, and much more with simply swiping your fingers on the screen. The best thing is that your employees do not require too much time to learn to work on such systems.

3.     Card Machine

A lot of customers have stopped carrying cash with them when they go shopping. In this modern world, if you do not accept card payments, you are keeping your customers away from a huge convenience. Payments with cards can facilitate both you and your customer. The card machine is the essential need for your business, no matter the nature and size of your company.

POS Hardware What Do You Need 01

4.     Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are usually a great choice for retail shops. This device scans the product to enter sales information in the POS system. This scanner can be helpful in big stores where there are many products. With the barcode scanner, you do not have to search for the product. You can scan the unique barcode on the product to register it. Barcode scanner also helps in reducing mistakes that your staff can make while typing the product price manually. Some tablets can scan the product through the camera, so in this situation, you do not have to purchase a bar scanner separately.

5.     Receipt Printer

The receipt printer also plays a significant role in your POS system. But most modern businesses are using the electronic receipt for their customers, ignoring the need for a paper receipt. A digital receipt has eased things for customers and businesses, but still, some customers prefer paper receipts as they want solid proof of purchase. If you are a bar or food stall owner, you can send a digital receipt to your customers through email or text. Or if you are a big chain or sell expensive goods, you should choose a receipt printer.

6.     Cash Drawer

If you are accepting cash at a fixed location, not having a cash drawer is a bad idea. The cash drawer helps you keep the cash and coins in an organized manner. Not having a cash drawer can create chances of theft and other mishaps. These drawers may or may not include the hardware bundle. If it does not include a hardware bundle, you can purchase your own. Some cash drawers connect with your cash receipt machine. Whenever you generate a cash receipt, the cash drawer automatically opens. You need to look for a drawer that is compatible with your system.

POS System Hardware - What Do You Need?

Try Smart POS For Your Point Of Sale System Hardware Needs

Choosing hardware for your POS system is not such a big deal. You need to consider your needs and how you are going to set-up your POS system. We can help you in choosing the best POS software and hardware that suits the nature and size of your business.

Contact us today:

Svend Bramsoe

Point of Sale System Hardware Costs

What are the point of sale system hardware costs? Before you decide the point of sale system for your business, you should check if you have the investment to get such a set-up or not.

Purchasing POS software is comparatively easier and far cheaper than the basic hardware that you need to operate a POS system effectively. Remember that every POS system is different in terms of cost, quality, and functions. Therefore, you cannot use a hospitality POS system at a hospital or a dispensary POS system in a restaurant.

Indeed, predicting POS hardware’s price is simpler than predicting the price of the software. The software is according to business needs and wants. Also, the software requires modification from time to time whereas the hardware will work perfectly fine even after years of purchase.

Note that all the hardware which you plan to purchase should be compatible with the software that you have on your POS system.

Let us look at the cost of each basic and additional hardware component suitable for a POS system.

Point of Sale System Hardware Costs

1.    Touchscreen POS Terminal

A cash register requires a computer screen. However, if you replace the ordinary screen with a touch screen, it will save the manual keyboard cost. Also, if the touchscreen is not the right option, then a 12 inch POS monitor is available at around $160 and an extended size of 15 inch at $190 and above.

2.    POS Tablets

An iPad can support only a few POS systems and it can be quite expensive too. Therefore, the best option is to get a non-iOS tablet for your point of sale system. For instance, to compare, we will mention both the portable electronic devices’ cost, then you can decide which suits best.

IPad cost range: $170-$300

Non-iPad Tablet Cost range: $100-$200

A big benefit of going with an Android tablet is that they connect with several POS vendors, which is why you might get the hardware at a reasonable cost, and it will automatically connect with the POS software. A win-win situation.

3.    Credit Card Terminals

Every business wants to expand its customer base. Therefore, skipping a CC terminal can result into low profit margins, which can even shut the business down. Despite the CC terminal’s model, specification, and warranty, the electronic device can be between $ 100 and $400.

4.    Receipt Printers

Purchasing a receipt printer is essential, both for the business and the customer. The reason being, the customers start trusting the business when they receive authentic and official billing receipts. On the other hand, the business gets to keep a hard-copy record in a case where the electronic system shuts down.

The cost of a receipt printer depends on the number of papers you are printing in a day. The cost of one print can be between $0.015 and 0.05. So, if the company prints 1000 bills a day, then the total cost ranges from $5,475-$18,250.

5.    Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner fastens the whole billing procedure; thus, the whole business runs efficiently. Also, if your store wants to make slight amendments in any product’s price then by changing the value through the code would do it. A barcode scanner can be anywhere between $185 and $210.

Bottom Line

Surely, finding reliable and honest vendors is quite a task, but not when you have the right people by your side. At Smart POS, we believe in happy customers. We have the best products for our customers at reasonable costs and with adequate warranties.


Svend Bramsoe

How Much Point of Sale Hardware Do I Need for My Business?

pos-point-of-sale-hardware-need-retail-business-01How much point of sale hardware do you need for my business? It’s hard to specify the number of hardware elements you need for POS system setup as the type and number of components varies from one merchant to another.

One business might go overboard with the set-up and include fancy and overpriced peripheral devices. On the other hand, a startup or a struggling business would carry all the POS operations on a mediocre phone, along with a credit card processor.

In a nutshell, the number of point of sale hardware depends on the type of business and its financial status.

However, there are a few basic hardware devices that will prove to be necessary at some point in the business. Therefore, it is better to look out and install these devices on day one of the POS system set-ups than hustle later.

List of Point-of-sale Hardware for a Business

1.     Customer Display

pos-monitor-hardware-02Customer displays are also known as pole displays.  It is a screen facing towards the customer, showing items bought, price of each item, quantity, and the total amount of the complete purchase.

Customers Displays are commonly found at restaurants and huge grocery stores. The placement of the screen depends on the type of business.

For example, if the business has a self-service policy, then the screen would show when the order is ready and waiting at the counter. In such situations, pole displays are placed high above the counter, to be highly visible to a person standing at the farthest end.

Whereas, in a retail store with a simple cash counter, the customer display would be placed at the counter, directly facing the consumer.

2.     Cash Register

A cash register is an electronic machine, consisting of a computer screen, cash drawer, keyboard, barcode scanner, and a cash drawer. Today, cash registers are known as “registers” due to the arrival of modern POS systems.

Previously, manual keyboards were used to make numerical entries. But, now touchscreens have replaced it. Similarly, business owners have upgraded and switched to ipads while removing the heavyweight computer screens.

3.     Credit Card Terminal

Credit card terminal is a device that accepts payment made through cards. Such a device is crucial for every type of POS system, as it increases a business’s customer base and profit ratios.

4.     Bill Or Receipt Printer

A bill or receipt printer is a device connected with the register. The device prints the total amount of the purchase, and prints out two bills, one titled as sales and the other dor cash. The cash bill belongs to the customer, where the sales bill is kept by business as a record.

5.     Barcode Scanner

pos-barcode-scanner-pos-hardware-business-03Barcode scanner is a digital device that scans the product’s code and inputs the price onto the register’s screen. A barcode scanner helps the business run efficiently, as the prices can be rendered from the system through each product’s code.

6.     Cash Drawer

A cash drawer is connected with the cash register. The cash drawer has a manual lock or a secret code that only an employee at the counter knows. This way, the cash remains secure, and single-person access makes it easier for the company to detect the thief, in case of any theft in the future.

7.     Database Server

A huge grocery store or business outlets have multiple billing counters. A database server is a centralized system, saving the entire transactions of the company. It is great way to back-up records of total sales. Also, the owner can monitor and keep a keen eye through all the terminals easily.

Bottom Line

Setting-up a POS system with basic hardware would be great, as something is better than nothing. After all, you can always add-up electronic devices once the business starts functioning. Moreover, if you’re looking for a firm that could get you the best hardware and set up the whole POS system too, then we at Smart POS can be your ultimate rescue.

We value our customers and stand by our quality of service.

Svend Bramsoe

What is Point of Sale Marketing?

Point of Sale (PoS) marketing means encouraging customers to buy additional items at the time the primary purchase is actually made. Quite often this is at the till or checkout point, but it can also be in specific locations around a store, such as marketing a new drink next to a drink aisle in the supermarket. It’s a staple part of marketing in retail and restaurant environments and can lead to increased sales if done correctly.

The Different Types of Point of Sale Marketing

The most common method of Point of Sale marketing is a merchandise display. You may have noticed a beef jerky display close to the checkout in a gas station, for instance, or the low-ticket item displays located in between the checkouts in supermarkets. Starbucks is also a good example of this kind of marketing, as they create a display of their own branded items close to the till in pretty much every store.

However, Point of Sale marketing doesn’t just include merchandise displays. It can also involve suggested selling by staff, discounts for future products printed on receipts, and the use of signage in a store to encourage customers to seek out and purchase a specific item.

When is Point of Sale Marketing Effective?

Point of Sale marketing is most effective when small ticket items are involved. Customers usually pick them up as impulse purchases when standing in the queue at the checkout, for example. It also works best for customers who aren’t specifically loyal to a certain brand. For example, having a fridge full of cold Coca-Cola cans placed near to a till will not encourage loyal Pepsi consumers to buy a can, but most non-loyal Pepsi consumers will be interested.

Point of Sale items are also often billed as ‘sale’ or ‘cheap’ items, which appeals to customers who regularly watch their pennies. Those who like trying new items are also tempted to buy from PoS displays that are billed as ‘item of the week’. The key to building an effective display is knowing who your customers are and what type of marketing they are most susceptible to.

Point of Sale marketing can be a really great way to increase sales on items that customers would otherwise not have considered buying. If you need some help building a marketing campaign, get in touch with us and talk to the best PoS consultant in Colorado.

To learn more about the advanced features and capabilities of a cannabis PoS system, contact Colorado’s top PoS consultant  at 303-309-1218 for a free consultation.

Fear Mongering, Liability Shift, POS Credit Cards New EMV Chip Technology

Fear Mongering is the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue. I have at least one customer a week contact me to inform me that a credit card processing company has come into their business stating that because of the new chip embedded credit cards being issued by banks they will not be able to accept these cards or will face fines and liability for fraud unless they switch to their processing company. I explain to them that Maitre’d Restaurant Point of Sale System is and always will be PCI (payment card industry) compliant ( currently certified until the end of 2017).

pos-credit-card-emv-chip“Creative Marketing” or “Fear Mongering” by hardware OEMs pertaining to US EMV migration is leading to rampant confusion among merchants. Talking to our customers about the real benefits and short-comings of EMV will prove to be invaluable in regard to their comfort-level when it comes time to make an upgrade decision. Because EMV is simply a liability shift and not a mandate, merchants should first determine if the cost to upgrade to EMV is justified. Merchants who regularly experience charge backs or fraudulent card use will likely upgrade to EMV before the deadline, while those that don’t have in-store fraud or disputed transaction issues may be better served to wait until their next POS upgrade to move to EMV – if at all.

Remember, Maitre’d Restaurant Point of Sale System has been accepting emv integrated payments in Canada and Europe for years. As soon as the United States emv protocols are established we will meet with our customers to explain the migration and determine if upgrading makes sense.

For anyone considering a new Point of Sale system for their restaurant, Maitre’d by Smart POS will provide you with the newest, most reliable and secure integrated payment technology along with a feature rich easy to use point of sale system. Contact us today for a demo.

High Performance, Low Maintenance Point of Sale Hardware for Restaurants

Point of Sale Hardware for RestaurantsThe need for quality, high performance and low maintenance POS hardware for restaurants, cannot be overstated. There is nothing more frustrating to restaurant owners, staff and customers than to have to delay a customer because a piece of hardware on your POS system is malfunctioning (POS Terminal, Printer, Scanner, Credit card terminal). It is often tempting to try and save money by purchasing hardware that costs a little less or continue to try to repair or patch the malfunctioning equipment. I have worked with customers that will try everything they can to not replace or upgrade their hardware regardless of how it is affecting their operation. The people who are really affected by these decisions are your customers.

Point of Sale Hardware for Restaurants

We at Smart POS will do everything in our power to help our customers save money.

We will provide the most reliable high performing and low maintenance hardware at the best price. All of our hardware comes with a three year warranty. We service and support our hardware 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We will service any and all pos hardware regardless of the software you are using. Our entire staff is A+ certified as well as microsoft operating systems certified.

What this means for our customers is peace of mind. You can focus your energy on other aspects of your operation knowing that you have reliable hardware and should anything ever go wrong we are just a phone call, email, or text away from making sure your system is running efficiently and effectively and your customers are being taken care of.

As technology changes and moves forward we will always be able to bring this technology to our customers seamlessly. From table side POS to liquor dispensing systems to kitchen video monitors we will always have the hardware technology to assist our customers assist their customers.

Smart POS will provide our customers with peace of mind now and many years into the future.

Contact us today for a demo!

Maitre’d Kitchen Video System by Smart POS provides more efficiency and saves money

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) have become staples in many casual, quick and fine dining restaurants, and it’s easy to see why.

Systems like the Maitre’d color video monitor (CVM) by Smart POS can enhance productivity and efficiency not just in the kitchen, but throughout an entire restaurant.

If you’re still unsure of what makes Kitchen Display Systems the better choice than kitchen printers, here are some key points to consider:

  1. First, KDS have a lower total cost of ownership than printers. Think of all the money you’re spending on paper and ribbons for your printer each year. With the Kitchen Display System, you pay for the license and monitors up-front, there are no recurring costs.
  2. Secondly, a KDS eliminates the confusion that can come with printers. It’s easy for orders to get lost in the shuffle when kitchen staff is forced to look through a jumble of order slips. When orders are entered into the  system, they are organized and displayed clearly on a computer screen.
  3. Finally using the Maitre’d Kitchen Display System by Smart POS will ensure you are doing your part for the environment by not using printers in the kitchen.

Below is a sample return on investment using the Maitre’d Kitchen Display System by Smart POS.


Kitchen Video System

CVM System with 3 monitors vs. 3 Impact Network Printers

The CVM Kitchen Video Display System provides features and benefits that a kitchen printer simply cannot offer.  Kitchen staff productivity and order accuracy are increased.  Service times are decreased.  Operating costs, in the form of paper and ribbons, are reduced dramatically.  Compare the ROI numbers in the chart below.  We believe you will see that the CVM Kitchen Video Display System is a great solution for your kitchen.

“…CVM Kitchen Video Display System has allowed us to fill orders on the fly, ensuring the freshness of our food.  Our kitchen staff is getting a jump on assembly, while the customer is still finalizing the order.  The system is easy to use. It’s been a tremendous value to us.”
– Bill Lowe, President at The Restaurant Company

Kitchen Video System

Please contact Smart POS to find out how we can make your entire operation more efficient and save money!

Best Feature-Rich Customizable Restaurant & Bar POS System

best-restaurant-pos-system-maitre-d-4A feature rich pos is a system that can assist you with easily meeting and exceeding your customers expectations while providing you with real time financial data to maximize revenue and control costs.

Maitre’D POS easily communicates any special preparation instructions to your bar and kitchen.

Maitre’D POS ensures all add on’s and charged modifiers are accurately input.

Maitre’D POS will allow your staff to present guest checks in any way your customers request (separate, split even, combined, by seat number).

Maitre’D POS quickly accepts any and all combination of payment types (partial payments, gift cards, credit cards and cash, multiple credit cards on one check).

Restaurant & Bar POS System


Maitre’D POS provides our customers with real time and historical sales data, enabling better decisions on what products your customers prefer.

Maitre’D POS provides our customers with real time and historical cost data, enabling better decisions on labor needs and product mix costs.


A feature rich, customizable, easy to use and reliable Maitred Restaurant & Bar POS system from Smart POS will provide you with everything you need to effectively and efficiently manage your business.


Call us at 303-309-1218 or Email us today for a demo!

Best Restaurant & Bar POS System in Denver

best-pos-system-for-bar-restaurant-denver-coDetermining the best Restaurant & Bar POS System in Denver should include the following factors:

  1. Ease of use from front of house to back of house.
  2. Reliability
  3. Price (Initial out of pocket and ongoing or recurring fees)
  4. Product knowledge and service of company providing POS

Ease of use from front of house to back of house

Maitre’D POS provides back of house users with intuitive tools to easily add/modify menu items, screens and prices.

Maitre’D POS provides front of house users the functionality to quickly and accurately input orders, print checks based on your customers needs(separate, combined, customers totals) and process payments. Enhancing your customers experience from beginning to end.


Maitre’D POS has been developing and enhancing their restaurant/bar software for 20+ years providing our customers with the most reliable worry free product on the market.


Smart POS will provide the most competitive price for the feature rich customizable Maitre’d POS system. The first year of software support is always complimentary with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware. We will keep your initial costs down and provide you with a quicker return on your investment.

smart-pos-denver-coloradoProduct knowledge and service of company providing POS

Smart POS has been successfully implementing and servicing Maitre’d POS systems for 10+ years all over the western United States. Our support services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are veterans of both hospitality operations and technology. Our customers feel we are very easy to work with.

Smart POS of Colorado will provide our customers with the best Point of Sale system for your restaurant, bar or nightclub.

Please contact us at 303-309-1218 or email us to find out how we can meet and exceed your Bar or Restaurant Point of Sale system needs and expectations.

Controlling Restaurant labor costs with your POS System

Labor is probably the most controllable cost you will incur. The restaurant lists the following guidelines to stay on top of your restaurant labor costs.

7 Must do’s to control labor:

  1. Control-restaurant-labor-costs-with-Point-of-Sale-system-2014Check that your staff are not clocking in to soon.
  2. Make sure staff is not riding the clock.
  3. Audit your timekeeping to ensuring your staff is not clocking in under wrong codes.
  4. Audit sales every hour.
  5. Schedule staff according to sales.
  6. Avoid overtime at all costs
  7. Make selection and training a priority.

Below is an example of real time reports provided by Maitre’D and Smart POS to provide you with complete labor information:





These are just two of several real time reports available standard in Maitred POS to assist restaurateurs with making effective labor decisions to boost their bottom line.

Maitre’D POS also provides 2 ways for you to obtain this information when you are not at your restaurant:

  1. Maitred’s Data board will send email alerts to you when labor reaches a pre determined condition (% of sales, #of hours)
  2. Maitred Mobile app will provide you with real time sales and costs on your smart phone.

Smart POS and Maitred have been effectively assisting restaurateurs with managing their labor costs and boosting their bottom line all across North America.

Call 303-309-1218 or email us to schedule a demo.