Best Feature-Rich Customizable Restaurant & Bar POS System

best-restaurant-pos-system-maitre-d-4A feature rich pos is a system that can assist you with easily meeting and exceeding your customers expectations while providing you with real time financial data to maximize revenue and control costs.

Maitre’D POS easily communicates any special preparation instructions to your bar and kitchen.

Maitre’D POS ensures all add on’s and charged modifiers are accurately input.

Maitre’D POS will allow your staff to present guest checks in any way your customers request (separate, split even, combined, by seat number).

Maitre’D POS quickly accepts any and all combination of payment types (partial payments, gift cards, credit cards and cash, multiple credit cards on one check).

Restaurant & Bar POS System


Maitre’D POS provides our customers with real time and historical sales data, enabling better decisions on what products your customers prefer.

Maitre’D POS provides our customers with real time and historical cost data, enabling better decisions on labor needs and product mix costs.


A feature rich, customizable, easy to use and reliable Maitred Restaurant & Bar POS system from Smart POS will provide you with everything you need to effectively and efficiently manage your business.


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