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Smart POS offers complete restaurant Point of Sale solutions that can be easily customized for use in any and all hospitality environments.

Spanning all restaurant segments from quick service to fine dining table service to bar/nightclub, delivery/takeout, hotels, resorts, casinos & multi unit establishments, Smart POS will provide the most reliable and easy to use Point of Sale system at the best price with superior service and support.

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Some of our satisfied customers:

Denver Botanic Garden *  Great West Life * Rib City Restaurants * Egg and I Restaurants * Dairy Queen * Embassy Suites Hotel * Regency Student Housing * Washingtons Sport Bar * Fort Collins  CO. * Miyama of Colorado * Candlelight Tavern * Coda Brewing Company * Emerald Isle Restaurant * Saddle Rock Golf Course * Meadow Hills Golf Course * Murphy Creek Golf Course * City Grille * Fork n’ Spoon * City Pub South

Designed as a turnkey solution that can grow with your business, Smart POS offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your business. Smart POS can provide integrated time and attendance, integrated Credit Card payments, Gift Card & Loyalty, Inventory Control, Tableside ordering & payment, real time alerts, mobile management & a robust back office to help increase revenue, cut costs & boost your bottom line.

Smart POS has over 15 years experience meeting and exceeding the needs of customers in all hospitality environments. Bring your business to the next level of efficiency and profitability with Smart POS. Call us today at 303-309-1218 or email us to schedule a Demo.


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Factors to Consider When Choosing Business Software

business softwareIt is time to look for an upgrade to your business’s software. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade. You may expect your system to do more than it actually can. You may be ready to add more security. And, new software can even make your employees more effective and productive. Yet, there are so many products on the market. When it comes to choosing the right business software for your needs, there are several things to keep in mind.

Determine How Viable the Product Will Be in a Few Years

If you choose the right company and the right product from that company, you’ll be able to count on it for the long term. Software is a very rapidly changing and improving area. Your business needs the most up to date tools and resources. So, how do you achieve that? You do it through investing in a high quality product right now that offers updates to you. You’ll also want to choose a company that is leading in its industry and providing a new, powerful, and as modern as possible product.

It Needs to Empower Your Sales

business softwareAlthough business software tends to be very focused on managing the back of the house, it should also provide for the needs for the customer. POS systems need to be easy to use. They need to provide the necessary tracking and response that you need. And, they should provide consumers with exactly what they need to pay quickly and securely. When choosing business software, it pays to invest in the highest quality product available. And, then, you have the ability to choose a provider that offers upgrades over time. If the company is one of the more reliable options, you’ll get a product that can remain in place and managed effectively ongoing.

A variety of factors play a role in selecting the right business software for your company. When you take the time to choose features that fit your specific needs, it can make all of the difference in your long term goals. From credit card processing to choosing an ultra secure system, work with our POS provider to learn more about all of the options you have. You can then feel good about what you are investing in as well as the benefits it can offer to your company.

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Best Feature-Rich Customizable Restaurant & Bar POS System

best-restaurant-pos-system-maitre-d-4A feature rich pos is a system that can assist you with easily meeting and exceeding your customers expectations while providing you with real time financial data to maximize revenue and control costs.

Maitre’D POS easily communicates any special preparation instructions to your bar and kitchen.

Maitre’D POS ensures all add on’s and charged modifiers are accurately input.

Maitre’D POS will allow your staff to present guest checks in any way your customers request (separate, split even, combined, by seat number).

Maitre’D POS quickly accepts any and all combination of payment types (partial payments, gift cards, credit cards and cash, multiple credit cards on one check).

Restaurant & Bar POS System


Maitre’D POS provides our customers with real time and historical sales data, enabling better decisions on what products your customers prefer.

Maitre’D POS provides our customers with real time and historical cost data, enabling better decisions on labor needs and product mix costs.


A feature rich, customizable, easy to use and reliable Maitred Restaurant & Bar POS system from Smart POS will provide you with everything you need to effectively and efficiently manage your business.


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Best Restaurant & Bar POS System in Denver

best-pos-system-for-bar-restaurant-denver-coDetermining the best Restaurant & Bar POS System in Denver should include the following factors:

  1. Ease of use from front of house to back of house.
  2. Reliability
  3. Price (Initial out of pocket and ongoing or recurring fees)
  4. Product knowledge and service of company providing POS

Ease of use from front of house to back of house

Maitre’D POS provides back of house users with intuitive tools to easily add/modify menu items, screens and prices.

Maitre’D POS provides front of house users the functionality to quickly and accurately input orders, print checks based on your customers needs(separate, combined, customers totals) and process payments. Enhancing your customers experience from beginning to end.


Maitre’D POS has been developing and enhancing their restaurant/bar software for 20+ years providing our customers with the most reliable worry free product on the market.


Smart POS will provide the most competitive price for the feature rich customizable Maitre’d POS system. The first year of software support is always complimentary with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware. We will keep your initial costs down and provide you with a quicker return on your investment.

smart-pos-denver-coloradoProduct knowledge and service of company providing POS

Smart POS has been successfully implementing and servicing Maitre’d POS systems for 10+ years all over the western United States. Our support services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are veterans of both hospitality operations and technology. Our customers feel we are very easy to work with.

Smart POS of Colorado will provide our customers with the best Point of Sale system for your restaurant, bar or nightclub.

Please contact us at 303-309-1218 or email us to find out how we can meet and exceed your Bar or Restaurant Point of Sale system needs and expectations.

Controlling Restaurant labor costs with your POS System

Labor is probably the most controllable cost you will incur. The restaurant lists the following guidelines to stay on top of your restaurant labor costs.

7 Must do’s to control labor:

  1. Control-restaurant-labor-costs-with-Point-of-Sale-system-2014Check that your staff are not clocking in to soon.
  2. Make sure staff is not riding the clock.
  3. Audit your timekeeping to ensuring your staff is not clocking in under wrong codes.
  4. Audit sales every hour.
  5. Schedule staff according to sales.
  6. Avoid overtime at all costs
  7. Make selection and training a priority.

Below is an example of real time reports provided by Maitre’D and Smart POS to provide you with complete labor information:





These are just two of several real time reports available standard in Maitred POS to assist restaurateurs with making effective labor decisions to boost their bottom line.

Maitre’D POS also provides 2 ways for you to obtain this information when you are not at your restaurant:

  1. Maitred’s Data board will send email alerts to you when labor reaches a pre determined condition (% of sales, #of hours)
  2. Maitred Mobile app will provide you with real time sales and costs on your smart phone.

Smart POS and Maitred have been effectively assisting restaurateurs with managing their labor costs and boosting their bottom line all across North America.

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EMV Is Coming, Smart POS and Maitre’d are ready

What is EMV?

emv-technology-pos-systemEMV stands for Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®, the developers of this technology. EMV has been used in Europe since 1992, and steps are now being taken to make it the standard payment type in the U.S. due to the significant reductions in fraud it produces.

emv-pos-system-denver-colorado-2014EMV, also known as chip and PIN payments, starts with the consumer being issued a card into which a smart-chip has been embedded. At the time of the transaction, the card is inserted into an EMV-enabled payment terminal, which uses chip technology to verify the purchase and sends a signal to the point-of-sale (POS) device to complete the transaction. At this point, the customer may have to enter a PIN rather than sign the payment receipt, depending on the type of payment card they are using. Other than the insertion of the chip card, the sale takes place as normal – no special action is needed from the merchant. It’s important to note that in an EMV transaction, the payment card is not given to the merchant. It stays with the customer, providing an additional layer of security.

Why Adopt EMV Chip Technology?

restaurant-pos-system-coloradoThere are two key reasons that it’s important to consider adopting EMV chip technology now. The first is, as a merchant, you never want to turn down a sale. Currently, chip cards will still have the magnetic stripe and will be usable in older terminals. However, soon you may find that you are losing sales without an EMV enabled terminal.

Secondly, EMV can help to reduce the incidence of fraud by scanning for counterfeit cards and rejecting them. EMV is a proven technology – chip cards have been used in Europe and Canada for years and have been shown to dramatically reduce fraud. In fact, the major payment brands, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express are planning a ‘liability shift’ where merchants without EMV-enabled terminals will be responsible for point-of-sale fraud losses that could have been prevented with chip technology systems.

Smart POS and Maitre’d are ready.

Maitred POS systems have been accepting EMV payments for years throughout Canada. Smart POS can be your partner in ensuring your customers payment data is safe and secure.


If you need a Point of Sale System or Credit Card Processing for your business, Call or email us today for a free consultation.