Bars are great places for people to gather and connect. Every bar has to offer its services depending on the type of people that usually frequent it. You, as a bar owner, have to take care of things to make sure your customers enjoy and keep coming back. You need to see if the drinks should be strong or light, or if you should hire a DJ or place a jukebox. This way, you can target the audience that visits your bar by providing them with the best service.

A better POS system is also essential for the bar business. This article will list down some major features that you should consider before installing a POS system in your bar.

Choosing a POS system for new bar


Must-Have Features For A Point Of Sale

Following elements are essential for your POS system in a bars industry:

1.     Flexible Menu Scheduling

Most bars change their prices either daily or yearly. For example, they offer hourly offers, seasonal drinks, game-day specials, etc. Imagine a POS system taking care of all the price updates. The tasks for the servers will be so easy, and there won’t be any errors, such as misquoting prices. Servers also do not have to remember all the prices. You can schedule the prices to change on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. You need to choose a system that supports this feature. Menu pricing is also essential for bars that serve food.

2.     Off-Hours Customer Support

Your POS system should be active 24/7, and it should assist you even after the regular working hours. Bars are not like other businesses; you have to keep them open till late. You won’t prefer a system that does not offer support after regular working hours. You can run into a POS-related problem at any time of the day or night. However, you cannot afford to wait for a day to resolve your issue because that can affect your business reputation and operations negatively. Not to mention, certain problems with POS systems are technical, and you have your POS system provider on the phone with you to resolve the matter.

3.     Inventory Management

You should look for a POS system with features like inventory management module so that you can track your inventory in real-time. This feature can notify you about and track your supplies, units, and prices instantly. This way, you can maintain your stock properly to never run out of important ingredients at a crucial time.

Choosing best POS system for your new bar


4.     Employee Management

The employee management system helps you monitor your employees and learn about their efficiency and productivity. In most bars, business owners are afraid of theft, spills, and on-shift intoxication accidents. This system can help protect your business from such incidents. Even if you trust your employees blindly, you need to install this system for any unexpected scenarios.

The modern POS system, with the help of the employee management system, can generate reports about the sales performance of your employees. By using this system, you can set individual user permissions, manage the distribution of tips, etc. Moreover, a POS system should also have employees’ time-tracking module so that you can check the availability of employees during shifts.

5.     Good Reporting Features

Reporting function in a POS system is also essential, as it can help you improve your business performance by highlighting weak areas, and help you in making important decisions. Furthermore, you can track the bar’s sales and other essential tasks.

For instance, while generating a POS report, you can get a list of all the popular drinks, busy hours, etc. When you know your busy hours and popular drinks, you can have the most productive employees behind the counters during the busiest hours.


All the above features are must-have in your POS system. A sound POS system will help you focus on your customers’ needs and performs all the major tasks of your business operations. We can help you find a POS system that suits your business and can help you ease up your workload so that you can focus on entertaining your customers. You can contact us at 303-309-1218 or visit our website SmartPOS. We provide different industries with a POS system that matches their needs.

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