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support-small-business-colorado-possmart-pos coloradoDesigned as a turnkey solution that can grow with your business, Smart POS offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your business. Smart POS can provide integrated time and attendance, integrated credit card payments, gift card & loyalty, inventory control, table side ordering & payment, real time alerts, mobile management & a robust back office to help increase revenue, cut costs & boost your bottom line.

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POS Software Tailored To Your Specific Needs

Get an end-to-end, personalized solution for your restaurant with all of the features you need to maximize throughput, grow revenue, and improve guest experience.

  • Point-of-sale
  • Custom menu build
  • Table layouts
  • Labor management
  • Multi-location management

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The Benefits of Choosing SpotOn POS for Your Bar or Nightclub

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of choosing SpotOn POS for your bar or nightclub, and why Smart POS is the best choice for your POS system needs. Running a bar or nightclub can be a challenging task, but having the right tools and technology can make all the difference. One of the most innovative and advanced point of sale (POS) systems available today is SpotOn POS.

POS for Your Bar or Nightclub

Customizable Menu and Ordering

One of the most significant benefits of SpotOn POS is its customizable menu and ordering capabilities. This feature allows bar and nightclub owners to create unique and visually appealing menus that reflect their brand and style. It also allows for easy customization of drinks and food orders, making it easy for staff to quickly and accurately place orders.

Inventory Management

Another key feature of SpotOn POS is its inventory management capabilities. This feature allows bar and nightclub owners to track inventory levels in real-time, ensuring that they always know what items are in stock and when it’s time to reorder. It also helps prevent waste by alerting staff when an item is running low, so they can make sure it is used before it goes bad.

Marketing Tools

SpotOn POS also offers a range of marketing tools to help bar and nightclub owners promote their business and attract new customers. These tools include email marketing, loyalty programs, and social media integration, allowing bar and nightclub owners to reach a wider audience and engage with their customers more effectively.

Reporting and Analytics

SpotOn POS also offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights into the performance of your business. This feature allows bar and nightclub owners to track sales, inventory, and other metrics, helping them make informed decisions about their operations and identify areas for improvement.

Easy Integration

SpotOn POS is also designed to integrate seamlessly with other software and hardware, making it easy to customize your POS system to meet the unique needs of your business. This feature allows bar and nightclub owners to incorporate a range of features and functionality into their POS system, from credit card processing to employee management tools.

Why Choose Smart POS?

At Smart POS, we are committed to providing the best installation, support, and maintenance services to help you get the most out of your POS system. We work with you to customize a POS system that meets the specific needs of your bar or nightclub, and we offer comprehensive service and support to ensure that your system is always up and running.

Contact Us Today

At Smart POS, we are committed to helping bar and nightclub owners manage their operations more efficiently, improve customer experience, and grow their business.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of POS systems and services, including SpotOn POS, Maitre’d, EVO Payments, and Squirrel Systems. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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Bars are great places for people to gather and connect. Every bar has to offer its services depending on the type of people that usually frequent it. You, as a bar owner, have to take care of things to make sure your customers enjoy and keep coming back. You need to see if the drinks should be strong or light, or if you should hire a DJ or place a jukebox. This way, you can target the audience that visits your bar by providing them with the best service.

A better POS system is also essential for the bar business. This article will list down some major features that you should consider before installing a POS system in your bar.

Choosing a POS system for new bar


Must-Have Features For A Point Of Sale

Following elements are essential for your POS system in a bars industry:

1.     Flexible Menu Scheduling

Most bars change their prices either daily or yearly. For example, they offer hourly offers, seasonal drinks, game-day specials, etc. Imagine a POS system taking care of all the price updates. The tasks for the servers will be so easy, and there won’t be any errors, such as misquoting prices. Servers also do not have to remember all the prices. You can schedule the prices to change on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. You need to choose a system that supports this feature. Menu pricing is also essential for bars that serve food.

2.     Off-Hours Customer Support

Your POS system should be active 24/7, and it should assist you even after the regular working hours. Bars are not like other businesses; you have to keep them open till late. You won’t prefer a system that does not offer support after regular working hours. You can run into a POS-related problem at any time of the day or night. However, you cannot afford to wait for a day to resolve your issue because that can affect your business reputation and operations negatively. Not to mention, certain problems with POS systems are technical, and you have your POS system provider on the phone with you to resolve the matter.

3.     Inventory Management

You should look for a POS system with features like inventory management module so that you can track your inventory in real-time. This feature can notify you about and track your supplies, units, and prices instantly. This way, you can maintain your stock properly to never run out of important ingredients at a crucial time.

Choosing best POS system for your new bar


4.     Employee Management

The employee management system helps you monitor your employees and learn about their efficiency and productivity. In most bars, business owners are afraid of theft, spills, and on-shift intoxication accidents. This system can help protect your business from such incidents. Even if you trust your employees blindly, you need to install this system for any unexpected scenarios.

The modern POS system, with the help of the employee management system, can generate reports about the sales performance of your employees. By using this system, you can set individual user permissions, manage the distribution of tips, etc. Moreover, a POS system should also have employees’ time-tracking module so that you can check the availability of employees during shifts.

5.     Good Reporting Features

Reporting function in a POS system is also essential, as it can help you improve your business performance by highlighting weak areas, and help you in making important decisions. Furthermore, you can track the bar’s sales and other essential tasks.

For instance, while generating a POS report, you can get a list of all the popular drinks, busy hours, etc. When you know your busy hours and popular drinks, you can have the most productive employees behind the counters during the busiest hours.


All the above features are must-have in your POS system. A sound POS system will help you focus on your customers’ needs and performs all the major tasks of your business operations. We can help you find a POS system that suits your business and can help you ease up your workload so that you can focus on entertaining your customers. You can contact us at 303-309-1218 or visit our website SmartPOS. We provide different industries with a POS system that matches their needs.

Bar and Nightclub POS Systems

Bar and nightclub business patterns are different from other ventures operating in the region. Where most businesses focus on increasing sales, the motive of bars and nightclubs is to provide the best services to each customer. They do this to create hype about their businesses and grab as much audience as they can.

Consequently, if you want your bar or nightclub to be the talk of the town, it is necessary that your POS system seamlessly resonates with your business goals.

Therefore, let’s investigate the factors that make up the best POS system for bars and nightclubs.

Important Features Needed For A Bar And Nightclub POS System


Bars and nightclubs are fancy and highly extravagant, not because of the ambiance or décor, but the different kinds of drinks that customers demand. Menu is for those who don’t have specifics or are not frequent visitors. Otherwise, every customer has a string of ingredients that they prefer in their cocktail.

While bartenders have crazy skills to create such customized cocktails, things are not quite fancy and pleasing when it comes to adding the details into the POS system.

For this reason, make sure the POS system is easy to operate, able to bear volumes of data, and has an option to change drink details every time a customer orders a cocktail when considering getting a POS system for your bar or nightclub.

Splitting And Moving The Checks

Multiple cheques at one table is common at bars and nightclubs. Therefore, opt for a POS system that can easily print numerous cheques for similar table serial numbers.

Ability To Authorize Debit Or Credit Card

Security and fraud issues are common at bars and nightclubs. Therefore, all POS system should have a software designed in a way that when a customer swipes a card through the terminal, the system instantly records and verifies his/her information.

Effortless Menu Management For Happy Hours And Daily Special Drinks

A trigger  for happy hours every week is a great idea for bar and nightclub POS systems. So, the system automatically edits the total bill. Also, the menu for the special drink of the day saves employees a lot of time. It also improves efficiency of serving the customers.

Sales Reporting

Bars and nightclubs face speedy sales, which is why it is impossible to note orders manually. Therefore, the POS system should save each order by default and create an automated report at the end of the day.

Table-Side Payment

Tableside payment saves customer’s time and creates space immediately for other customers. Quickly serving the customers means that the bar gets to serve more people in a day. As a result, the bar earns reputation for quick service from the customers.

List of peripheral devices for a bar POS system:

  • Cash register
  • Touchscreens/iPads
  • Portable card terminal
  • Scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Centralized server
  • Cash drawer

How Much Does A POS System For A Bar Or Nightclub Cost?

Commonly, the cheapest bar and nightclub POS systems cost around $99 a month. On the other hand, the most expensive and high-quality POS system costs around $114 a month.

Bottom Line

Take your time, do your research, set your goal and then choose a POS system for your bar and nightclub. For further information and help on getting the best hardware for the POS setup, feel free to approach Smart POS. We value you, the same way you value your customers and your business.

POS for Bars

best-co-pos-for-bars-terminals-stations-hardware-cc-full-support-01When choosing POS for bars, many things must be considered. Keeping track of inventory at bars is incredibly difficult because the main product is liquid, which is harder to track than solid food. Inventory control, weighing bottles, and avoiding over pouring is essential to a bars profits and losses. Furthermore, bars are a high-traffic business that can see hundreds of orders per day in both cash and credit. Luckily, POS systems come equipped with inventory tracking, making this potential nightmare for business owners in Colorado much easier to handle.

Inventory tracking

The worst thing that could happen at a bar is running out of liquor! Savvy, cloud based systems allow managers to track sales 24/7, ensuring that your bar is always stocked. Even better, you can schedule orders automatically which helps ensure you never forget to restock your liquor after a busy day.

Inventory monitoring off site

best-pos-system-for-bars-02Inventory monitoring can be done off site, meaning that if a manager or owner is in a meeting or not able to come in that day, they can still monitor and place orders for restocking. This adds a level of comfort and ease to a busy manager’s life.

On the spot menu alterations

Speaking of mobility, managers and owners also have the ability to update the menu/POS system off site in real time. For example, if an item is selling particularly well, perhaps the manager will want to upsell that item the next day by running a promotion on it during a specific timeframe. This action is made simple with on the spot menu alterations and email promotions that allow your business to capitalize on smart analytics.

POS systems for accuracy

Because bartenders are busy and move quickly, human error can be exceptionally high in this industry. Modern POS systems with easy to use touchscreens make it easier for bartenders to see and click the correct buttons when in a hurry.

Theft control & security

point-of-sale-system-for-bar-colorado-03Many POS systems also come equipped with an added security layer. In the case that a bartender does slip up and make an error, a supervisor’s code is needed to reopen the ticket and fix it. This extra step slows a bartender down, which means they make less drinks and tips. Knowing this motivates them achieve 100% order accuracy in order to avoid a break in progress for manager authentication.


Furthermore, because supervisors monitor the tickets and inventory, bartenders will be less tempted to add items to the check for ‘free’. Unfortunately, this practice is common in bars without modern POS systems, as bartenders may favor their friends or family by giving handouts. This habit is detrimental to a bar’s bottom line, and POS systems inventory and data tracking helps to solve this problem.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Smart POS.

POS for Bars

Point of Sale System (POS) for Bars

best-pos-system-for-bar-colorado-01Nothing is worse than trying to get a bartender’s attention, especially at a busy bar in Colorado. Once you finally do, you want to grab your drinks, make a payment, and get back to your table and away from the crowd as soon as possible. Speed is everything at a bar. The faster the bartender can serve up your drink and take payment, the more money the bar will make, and the happier the customer will be.

POS systems for speed

A POS system with an easy to use interface can make a bartender’s job significantly easier. At a busy bar, a bartender can average over 100 drinks per hour. Most bars have several bartenders running back and forth taking orders, making drinks, and taking payments. That’s potentially hundreds of orders being rung up in your POS system per hour. The bartenders need a reliable POS system that doesn’t add further stress to their already demanding jobs.

POS systems for table service

fastest-point-of-sale-system-bar-nightclub-02Many bars also provide tableside service. A portable POS system is great for speed as well. The server can take a drink and food order at the table, and send it directly to the bar from their tablet. The customer’s drinks will be brought back to them in no time, and by the time food’s ready, perhaps they’ll be ready for round 2!

Tableside payment

Many POS systems also provide tablets equipped for tableside payment. Rather than the slow process of taking a credit card, walking to the back of house or the bar to swipe for payment, and returning minutes later with a receipt, the entire process can be completed right at the table.

Bill splitting

best-pos-system-for-bill-splitting-03To take it up a notch, many POS systems allow for splitting the bill. This solves the issue of needing to print out separate checks for larger parties who want to pay their portions individually. Rather than going through that hassle, modern POS systems allow the option of splitting the bill digitally so that each person can pay one by one right at the table. Your customers, and the environment, will thank you for this new technology.

Open tabs capabilities

Drink now, pay later. With one swipe, customers can open a tab and add orders to it throughout the night. This is immensely helpful for speed and quality of service. Regular customers can even access their tab by a name or the last four digits of their card. This means if they forget their card at home, or want to treat a friend, they can open and add to their tab at anytime.

Loyal customers with open tabs can participate in rewards programs if your business chooses to run one. This incentivizes customers to return to your bar for promotions and discounts and they will appreciate being rewarded for their loyal service.

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Best Bar Point of Sale Provides Quick Customer Service, Payments and Accountability

Point of saleWhen considering a new Bar or Nightclub point of sale system,  you need a system that can

* Accurately and easily place orders.
* Process payments quickly and securely.
* Make employees accountable for their sales and inventory.
* Increase revenue through smart tax.

Maitre’d restaurant/bar point of sale by Smart POS can easily accomplish all these things.

Easily and accurately input orders: Maitre’d point of sale by Smart Point Of Sale will assist you with creating a fast bar screen that will have all of your most popular drinks, cocktails, liquor, beer and wine eliminating the need for extra steps to quickly ring in customer orders. Maitre’d will allow bar employees to fast ring cash customers up without the need to open a tab or table. When a cash paying customer approaches the bar to order a couple of drinks, the bartender can ring and close that transaction with just three touches and be ready for the next customer. Starting a tab with Maitre’d is as simple as swiping a customer credit card and Maitre’d will ask the bartender if they would like to start a tab under the name that appears on the customer’s credit card. The bartender can now access that tab by the customer’s name, ensuring the right items go on the right tab.

Process payments quickly and securely:

Point of sale Along with the Fast bar order screen comes the fast bar payment screen. When a customer’s tab is on the screen regardless of how they want to pay it is only a single touch to close that tab. When a customer would like to use the credit card swiped previously to start a tab it is still only one touch. If they would like to use a different credit card it is just a swipe and a touch. Maitre’d point of sale by Smart POS is and always will be PCI compliant. The current version of Maitre’d is certified compliant until the end of 2017. This will give Maitre’d customers peace of mind that all credit card transactions are secure. Although Maite’d Point of sale by Smart POS will process credit cards securely with your choice of processors, we do recommend Mercury Payments due to the partnership created years ago providing customers with a direct interface, low rates and superior service.

Smart Tax:

The smart tax concept is as follows. When customer’s pay for a drink with cash in a busy Point of Saleestablishment the bartenders would get frustrated with providing customer’s change for their purchase while trying to get to the next customer. To speed things up many establishments would price their drinks so that when tax is added the total comes to a nice round number, making it easier to make change and not having to fumble with pennies. This would allow the bartenders to move quickly from customer to customer, but would not provide the establishment with the full revenue of the sale because the price includes tax ($5.00 beer would only net the establishment $4.65 with $.35 going to taxes). Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS will implement a smart tax. All fast transactions will be tax inclusive, but as soon as any food item is ordered on a tab the smart tax will be added on to all items. When a customer is sitting down and ordering food and drinks it is not as much of a priority to get their payment and move on to the next customer.


Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS will record all sales and payments input by employees. When the shift has ended Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS will provide the establishment with detailed sales and payment information ensuring deposits are correct and all inventory used has received payments.

Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS is assisting bars all over the western united states improve service and increase revenue.

Please contact Smart POS today at (303) 309-1218 to see how we can assist you.

Best Restaurant & Bar POS System in Denver

best-pos-system-for-bar-restaurant-denver-coDetermining the best Restaurant & Bar POS System in Denver should include the following factors:

  1. Ease of use from front of house to back of house.
  2. Reliability
  3. Price (Initial out of pocket and ongoing or recurring fees)
  4. Product knowledge and service of company providing POS

Ease of use from front of house to back of house

Maitre’D POS provides back of house users with intuitive tools to easily add/modify menu items, screens and prices.

Maitre’D POS provides front of house users the functionality to quickly and accurately input orders, print checks based on your customers needs(separate, combined, customers totals) and process payments. Enhancing your customers experience from beginning to end.


Maitre’D POS has been developing and enhancing their restaurant/bar software for 20+ years providing our customers with the most reliable worry free product on the market.


Smart POS will provide the most competitive price for the feature rich customizable Maitre’d POS system. The first year of software support is always complimentary with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware. We will keep your initial costs down and provide you with a quicker return on your investment.

smart-pos-denver-coloradoProduct knowledge and service of company providing POS

Smart POS has been successfully implementing and servicing Maitre’d POS systems for 10+ years all over the western United States. Our support services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are veterans of both hospitality operations and technology. Our customers feel we are very easy to work with.

Smart POS of Colorado will provide our customers with the best Point of Sale system for your restaurant, bar or nightclub.

Please contact us at 303-309-1218 or email us to find out how we can meet and exceed your Bar or Restaurant Point of Sale system needs and expectations.