Best Bar Point of Sale Provides Quick Customer Service, Payments and Accountability

Point of saleWhen considering a new Bar or Nightclub point of sale system,  you need a system that can

* Accurately and easily place orders.
* Process payments quickly and securely.
* Make employees accountable for their sales and inventory.
* Increase revenue through smart tax.

Maitre’d restaurant/bar point of sale by Smart POS can easily accomplish all these things.

Easily and accurately input orders: Maitre’d point of sale by Smart Point Of Sale will assist you with creating a fast bar screen that will have all of your most popular drinks, cocktails, liquor, beer and wine eliminating the need for extra steps to quickly ring in customer orders. Maitre’d will allow bar employees to fast ring cash customers up without the need to open a tab or table. When a cash paying customer approaches the bar to order a couple of drinks, the bartender can ring and close that transaction with just three touches and be ready for the next customer. Starting a tab with Maitre’d is as simple as swiping a customer credit card and Maitre’d will ask the bartender if they would like to start a tab under the name that appears on the customer’s credit card. The bartender can now access that tab by the customer’s name, ensuring the right items go on the right tab.

Process payments quickly and securely:

Point of sale Along with the Fast bar order screen comes the fast bar payment screen. When a customer’s tab is on the screen regardless of how they want to pay it is only a single touch to close that tab. When a customer would like to use the credit card swiped previously to start a tab it is still only one touch. If they would like to use a different credit card it is just a swipe and a touch. Maitre’d point of sale by Smart POS is and always will be PCI compliant. The current version of Maitre’d is certified compliant until the end of 2017. This will give Maitre’d customers peace of mind that all credit card transactions are secure. Although Maite’d Point of sale by Smart POS will process credit cards securely with your choice of processors, we do recommend Mercury Payments due to the partnership created years ago providing customers with a direct interface, low rates and superior service.

Smart Tax:

The smart tax concept is as follows. When customer’s pay for a drink with cash in a busy Point of Saleestablishment the bartenders would get frustrated with providing customer’s change for their purchase while trying to get to the next customer. To speed things up many establishments would price their drinks so that when tax is added the total comes to a nice round number, making it easier to make change and not having to fumble with pennies. This would allow the bartenders to move quickly from customer to customer, but would not provide the establishment with the full revenue of the sale because the price includes tax ($5.00 beer would only net the establishment $4.65 with $.35 going to taxes). Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS will implement a smart tax. All fast transactions will be tax inclusive, but as soon as any food item is ordered on a tab the smart tax will be added on to all items. When a customer is sitting down and ordering food and drinks it is not as much of a priority to get their payment and move on to the next customer.


Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS will record all sales and payments input by employees. When the shift has ended Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS will provide the establishment with detailed sales and payment information ensuring deposits are correct and all inventory used has received payments.

Maitre’d Point of Sale by Smart POS is assisting bars all over the western united states improve service and increase revenue.

Please contact Smart POS today at (303) 309-1218 to see how we can assist you.

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