Should I use EVO payments as my POS Credit Card processor?

Should I use EVO payments as my POS Credit Card processor? Globalization and technology are making the marketplace more complex. EVO payments helps customers capture the market through affordable solutions that work. Our company’s presence in 50 more than 50 markets and ability to handle over 150 currencies makes us a global leader in point of sales systems.

Why should I accept credit cards?

Credit cards are quickly becoming among the most popular forms of payment. Only 24 percent of Americans use cash in transactions today. Up to 86 percent of all consumers use credit cards. A study by Intuit found that revenue grew for 83 percent of companies after accepting credit cards by as much as $20000 per month.

Credit cards offer a way to avoid the pain of purchasing. Customers spend more when using a credit card, up to $80 more depending on the type of product.

What credit cards does Evo Support?

Evo supports all popular credit card companies.  We support Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We strive to provide the broadest level of support possible and will work with you to fill your needs.

Can I integrate Evo Payment solutions with my existing products?

As a software company, we seek to integrate our services with your company easily. Whether creating a mobile app, working on your point of sale system, or creating a back-office solution, our products make payment and reporting easy.

Our intelligent platform and omnichannel commerce apps makes payment a snap. We quickly deploy in existing or new applications to provide the most robust solution possible. Through Snap, we offer developers an easy way to customize the payment experience.

In addition to payment systems, we offer best in class APIs built on our partnerships with leading ISOs continues to open new avenues to success. Our solutions are without borders and can help grow your international customer base.

Is Evo secure?

Evo takes great pains to ensure the security of your system. We closely watch transactions for anything that might raise a red flag and act accordingly. Our professionalism leads us to use the best industry practices in development and the deployment of our technology.

Our hardware solutions are equally security minded. Our processors accept pin and chip cards and receipt-less integration with handheld through SecureTablePay allows your company to avoid misplacing receipts.

What equipment is required to use Evo at a retailer?

Evo supplies the equipment required to process credit cards at your business. We make the process seamless. Simply request an account, and we send what you need to your address. If you are not satisfied with our products, submit a cancellation notice and return the equipment.

Can I run a loyalty program with Evo software?

Running a loyalty program through Evo software is possible. Our card processors handle gift cards to help you show appreciation for your customers. We also support direct mail campaigns and a variety of other value-added services through our point of sales systems.

Does Evo offer Support?

Evo offers support for every platform and are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have. Our Microsoft certified support staff can help you resolve problems and deploy our product at your retailer or e-commerce website.

Contact Smart POS today if you are looking to process cards securely. Our customized services aim to provide the solution you need without compromise.


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