Bar and Nightclub POS Systems

Bar and nightclub business patterns are different from other ventures operating in the region. Where most businesses focus on increasing sales, the motive of bars and nightclubs is to provide the best services to each customer. They do this to create hype about their businesses and grab as much audience as they can.

Consequently, if you want your bar or nightclub to be the talk of the town, it is necessary that your POS system seamlessly resonates with your business goals.

Therefore, let’s investigate the factors that make up the best POS system for bars and nightclubs.

Important Features Needed For A Bar And Nightclub POS System


Bars and nightclubs are fancy and highly extravagant, not because of the ambiance or décor, but the different kinds of drinks that customers demand. Menu is for those who don’t have specifics or are not frequent visitors. Otherwise, every customer has a string of ingredients that they prefer in their cocktail.

While bartenders have crazy skills to create such customized cocktails, things are not quite fancy and pleasing when it comes to adding the details into the POS system.

For this reason, make sure the POS system is easy to operate, able to bear volumes of data, and has an option to change drink details every time a customer orders a cocktail when considering getting a POS system for your bar or nightclub.

Splitting And Moving The Checks

Multiple cheques at one table is common at bars and nightclubs. Therefore, opt for a POS system that can easily print numerous cheques for similar table serial numbers.

Ability To Authorize Debit Or Credit Card

Security and fraud issues are common at bars and nightclubs. Therefore, all POS system should have a software designed in a way that when a customer swipes a card through the terminal, the system instantly records and verifies his/her information.

Effortless Menu Management For Happy Hours And Daily Special Drinks

A trigger  for happy hours every week is a great idea for bar and nightclub POS systems. So, the system automatically edits the total bill. Also, the menu for the special drink of the day saves employees a lot of time. It also improves efficiency of serving the customers.

Sales Reporting

Bars and nightclubs face speedy sales, which is why it is impossible to note orders manually. Therefore, the POS system should save each order by default and create an automated report at the end of the day.

Table-Side Payment

Tableside payment saves customer’s time and creates space immediately for other customers. Quickly serving the customers means that the bar gets to serve more people in a day. As a result, the bar earns reputation for quick service from the customers.

List of peripheral devices for a bar POS system:

  • Cash register
  • Touchscreens/iPads
  • Portable card terminal
  • Scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Centralized server
  • Cash drawer

How Much Does A POS System For A Bar Or Nightclub Cost?

Commonly, the cheapest bar and nightclub POS systems cost around $99 a month. On the other hand, the most expensive and high-quality POS system costs around $114 a month.

Bottom Line

Take your time, do your research, set your goal and then choose a POS system for your bar and nightclub. For further information and help on getting the best hardware for the POS setup, feel free to approach Smart POS. We value you, the same way you value your customers and your business.

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