Do You Need Tableside Payments For Your POS System?

Do You Need Tableside Payments For Your POS System? Don’t we all hate it when the server takes up more than 15 minutes to accept the payment through card? Especially when you are in a rush to go to work.

Think about it, you’re done with having food, but you’re still sitting on the table waiting for the server to bring back the payment receipt for to get your signature. Also, not only the customer, but the employees have to make a couple of turns back and forth from the table to the POS terminal.

It is a lot of unnecessary work, which effects employees’ efficiency. As a result into servers feeling agitated and treating the customers badly. Thus, without a table-side payment method, the eateries reputation is at stake.

Let’s look into the benefits of table-side payment method.

1.    Minimal Waiting Customers

Most restaurants have customers waiting outside the eateries because of the full house. Surprisingly, the house usually has customers waiting for their bill, then card, then signing the receipt and giving a tip.

Luckily, this will get solved through direct payment into the system when the server brings the card device after the meal. In second, the payment would be made, and the table would be all set to have new customers to have their meal.

2.    Faster Table Turns

A table-side payment method would allow the servers to take orders and payments faster from each table. This way, the restaurant management can save through hiring only a few servers, thus adding up to more profits.

3.    Operational Efficiency

Running back and forth from table to table, alongside the POS terminal can be tiring for the servers. Which might result in servers getting demotivated from their job easily. Thus, decreasing operational efficiency and landing to bad reviews and fewer customers daily. In extreme cases, the restaurant might shut down. As it all depends on your service.

4.    Higher Chances Of Greater Tips

When the servers don’t have to hustle much for the payment, they will concentrate on treating and interacting with the customers. Thus, building a good relationship with customers. Also, happy customers tend to tip more than usual. In return increasing server’s motivation to work harder and put in more effort.

More effort from employees means more profit at the end of the year.

5.    Payment Security

Tableside payment method is highly secure. The device has embedded security software, that might keep track of the payment but won’t record any personal information related to the card or customer’s electronic wallet.

6.    More Profits

Everything related to table-side payments proves to make higher profits, such as:

  • Increased employees productivity
  • More customers in a day
  • Fast service
  • Better reviews
  • Higher tips
  • More recommendations

Bottom Line

You cannot ignore the importance of secure and quick payments. Keep in mind that you can annoy your customers when you make them wait longer than necessary. Quick services has always been a strength or weakness for businesses. You have to decide whether you want to make it your strength or weakness. If you are looking for a suitable table-side payment device for your business, then contact Svend Bramsoe at Smart POS, and elevate your profit margins instantly.

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