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Do You Need Tableside Payments For Your POS System?

Do You Need Tableside Payments For Your POS System? Don’t we all hate it when the server takes up more than 15 minutes to accept the payment through card? Especially when you are in a rush to go to work.

Think about it, you’re done with having food, but you’re still sitting on the table waiting for the server to bring back the payment receipt for to get your signature. Also, not only the customer, but the employees have to make a couple of turns back and forth from the table to the POS terminal.

It is a lot of unnecessary work, which effects employees’ efficiency. As a result into servers feeling agitated and treating the customers badly. Thus, without a table-side payment method, the eateries reputation is at stake.

Let’s look into the benefits of table-side payment method.

1.    Minimal Waiting Customers

Most restaurants have customers waiting outside the eateries because of the full house. Surprisingly, the house usually has customers waiting for their bill, then card, then signing the receipt and giving a tip.

Luckily, this will get solved through direct payment into the system when the server brings the card device after the meal. In second, the payment would be made, and the table would be all set to have new customers to have their meal.

2.    Faster Table Turns

A table-side payment method would allow the servers to take orders and payments faster from each table. This way, the restaurant management can save through hiring only a few servers, thus adding up to more profits.

3.    Operational Efficiency

Running back and forth from table to table, alongside the POS terminal can be tiring for the servers. Which might result in servers getting demotivated from their job easily. Thus, decreasing operational efficiency and landing to bad reviews and fewer customers daily. In extreme cases, the restaurant might shut down. As it all depends on your service.

4.    Higher Chances Of Greater Tips

When the servers don’t have to hustle much for the payment, they will concentrate on treating and interacting with the customers. Thus, building a good relationship with customers. Also, happy customers tend to tip more than usual. In return increasing server’s motivation to work harder and put in more effort.

More effort from employees means more profit at the end of the year.

5.    Payment Security

Tableside payment method is highly secure. The device has embedded security software, that might keep track of the payment but won’t record any personal information related to the card or customer’s electronic wallet.

6.    More Profits

Everything related to table-side payments proves to make higher profits, such as:

  • Increased employees productivity
  • More customers in a day
  • Fast service
  • Better reviews
  • Higher tips
  • More recommendations

Bottom Line

You cannot ignore the importance of secure and quick payments. Keep in mind that you can annoy your customers when you make them wait longer than necessary. Quick services has always been a strength or weakness for businesses. You have to decide whether you want to make it your strength or weakness. If you are looking for a suitable table-side payment device for your business, then contact Svend Bramsoe at Smart POS, and elevate your profit margins instantly.

What are Tableside payments and how can they help my restaurant business?

pos-tableside-payments-vendor-info-colorado-01There are many restaurant POS systems offering a variety of features including tableside payments. These payments are made in restaurants at a customers table. Smarter POS offers a unique and highly secure way to process payments in this manner without ever using a receipt.

How are payments made at a POS?

Payments are made at a POS system using a terminal or mobile device.  Equipment is available with or that integrates with your system and accepts credit cards, processes receipts, and completes a transaction.

In restaurants, there is often the need to move from a table to a dedicated terminal and back before a transaction is completed. This increases the time it takes to pay for products and services. A typical flow involves receiving a bill, offering cash or a credit card, and signing a receipt.

Can tableside payments increase my efficiency?

Not every tableside payment method is equal. Many require moving between a terminal and table. However, tableside systems do not require anything more than having the customer sign and pay for items in one step.

Smarter POS offers SecureTablePay. This software integrates with handheld devices and allows customers to sign and complete a transaction directly. When every step is combined, waiters handle more tables and increase your profit per person per hour.

How can I secure tableside payments?

tableside-payments-increase-effeciancy-profits-02Identity theft costs consumers as much as $16 billion per year. Fraudulent and stolen cards are an enormous problem. The issue can cost consumer trust and directly impact your income.

Securing payments is the same at the register as at the table. Credit card companies continue to incorporate new mechanisms while attempting to foil criminals. This includes using chip and pin systems.

SecureTablePay supports modern security mechanisms. We also include an additional measure. Receipts contain numbers could be used to piece together an entire card number. By closing a transaction without requiring a receipt, we grant your customer peace of mind and allow them to choose whether they need a receipt or not.

Our security measure not only increases security but reduces waste as well. Credit card receipts at a busy restaurant quickly fill waste bins.

Should I use an Ipad to process payments?

Ipads and other mobile devices are not inherently insecure. However, they are made for general usage and increase the number of ways a device can be compromised. Malware and viruses are more likely to affect these technologies as their operating systems and software offer more vulnerabilities in part because of the increased number of features.

Specific handheld devices tend to be more secure. Hackers do not normally target these types of equipment. Still, it is possible to gain access to your network which compromises more than just the device. It is important to secure your networks even if you are not processing payments at the table.

Smarter POS offers support in setting up your system. Our team of Microsoft certified industry veterans have extensive knowledge of hospitality technologies and the issues surrounding these technologies. We can offer advice to optimize your setup.

Improving efficiency is just a step away. Contact us today to find out how we can help you discover just what are tableside payments and figure out how they can help your restaurant business.


What are my POS options for tableside payments?

secure-table-pay-provider-point-of-sale-systemPOS options for tableside payments are not as limited as they were ten years ago. Companies continue to offer plug and play and handheld solutions to fit your restaurant’s needs. Through SecureTablePay, Evo offers receipt-less payment wherever your customers are.

What is a tableside payment system?

tableside-payments-pos-system-vendor-colorado-01Tableside payment systems provide equipment and software that lets an employee close a sale in front of customers without requiring a register. These systems range from small card readers integrated with a tablet to a handheld credit card processor.

The typical payment flow at a restaurant involves having the server hand your customer a bill. A dedicated terminal is then used to complete the sale as the waiter moves back and forth between the consumer and hardware. Tableside payments eliminate the need for a dedicated terminal.

What tableside payment options are available for my business?

Tableside payment systems are available from many POS providers. Evo, Clover, and stripe all offer options for mobile payment.
Tableside systems are relatively inexpensive compared to an overall point of sales system. They tend to cost as little as $59 to $100 for each device. Multiple devices are required to increase efficiency. If possible, each server would have their own equipment.

Our SecureTablePay system integrates with your handheld device to provide secure and simple payments without going beyond your POS. We provide integration with all major credit card solutions and a true one-to-many solution.

How can tableside payments help my business?

customer-payments-system-at-table-pos-02When a server or waiter moves between hardware and a customer, they interact with a bottleneck in your business. A single register greatly effects how many orders a restaurant processes each hour. This is particularly true at a bar or busy restaurant. Closing out customers at the end of the night is error-prone as well.

Tableside payment systems remove the impediment of having a single point of sale. Servers give customers a handheld device to completes a sale without any additional steps. Meanwhile, your servers, waiters, and bartenders free to serve other customers.

These systems are also more convenient for your customer. The National Restaurant Association found that 70 percent of surveyed customers believe technology expedites services and increases order accuracy.

How secure are tableside payment options?

Security is a major concern when implementing tableside payments. Closing the sale in front of the customer gets rid of issues related to receipts. However, these systems should implement the most up to date measures to avoid identity theft. Such measures include chip and pin systems and data encryption.

Smaller systems that work with iPads and tablets are more susceptible to viruses and malware. Hackers tend to target systems with the widest adoption. These technologies are used by more people for a variety of tasks, making them popular targets.
Smarter POS offers the most modern and acceptable security measures. We only partner with trusted ISOs as well. You still need to ensure that your network is secure. Evo offers 24/7 support from Microsoft certified professionals to help any questions you might have.

Contact us today if you are looking for a one-to-many tableside solution. We offer an all-inclusive and customizable solution amidst the sea of POS options for tableside payments.

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Bryan, Nicole. The Benefits of Tableside POS for Restaurant Owners and Servers. Food News (October 2017). Available at

New Secure Tableside Payments Options for Hospitality Industry

What are secure tableside payments? Will they help you run your hospitality business better? The introduction of chip cards to prevent card present fraud has presented a compliance challenge for restauranteurs. Compliancy states that to be in compliance during a credit card payment transaction, the card must not leave the customers hand. So how does a table service restaurant become compliant without having your customer get up from their table and go to the payment device?

Smart POS along with Maitre’d Restaurant Point of Sale and Secure Table Pay is now offering the ability to have restaurant guests pay their bill securely and efficiently at the table.

secure-table-pay-provider-point-of-sale-systemNot only are you able to be fully chip card compliant, you are also able to provide a solution that reduces your service staff’s steps and minimize mistakes.

Below is a comparison of the traditional payment process versus secure table pay:


  1. Server takes final bill to guest.
  2. Server walks away.
  3. Guest reviews bill and places credit card in check presenter.
  4. Guest waits impatiently for server to return.
  5. Server returns to retrieve check presenter with bill and credit card.
  6. Server walks to pos station to process payment.
  7. Guest waits impatiently for server to return.
  8. Server returns with the receipt.
  9. Guest inputs tip amount and signs receipt.
  10. Guest leaves.
  11. Server comes back to the table to retrieve receipt.
  12. Server takes receipt and enters tip adjust at pos station.



  1. Server takes final bill and payment device to guest.
  2. Server pulls up bill directly on the payment device, guest reviews the bill and enters and enters the tip amount.
  3. Guest inserts the card, receipt is printed, payment applied and table closed.
  4. Guest signs the receipt.
  5. Guest leaves.
  6. Server retrieves the signed receipt and payment device, no further reconciliation is needed.

The above comparison demonstrates the efficiency and security compliance that is achieved with Smart POS, Maitred Restaurant Point of Sales and Secure Table Pay.

Show your customers and employees that you take their payment security and prompt service seriously by contacting Smart POS today to discuss your needs.