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Smart POS offers complete restaurant Point of Sale solutions that can be easily customized for use in any and all hospitality environments. Spanning all restaurant segments from quick service to fine dining table service to bar/nightclub, delivery/takeout, hotels, resorts, casinos & multi unit establishments, Smart POS will provide the most reliable and easy to use… Continue Reading

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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a PoS System

 Nowadays, even independent retail stores have access to PoS systems, which contain all the same features as those used by their biggest competitors. However, because most small business owners are not aware of exactly what they require, many make the same common mistakes when choosing a PoS system. In this article, we’re going to discuss… Continue Reading

A Customized POS System Is Essential

You know it is time to upgrade your POS system and your anxious to do so. You’ve found a wide range of products on the market, some of which can provide you with exceptional benefits in the way you operate your company and manage your business. But, which one should you choose? A key stepping… Continue Reading

Security of POS Systems

There is a lot of discussion lately about the risk of personal identification and payment fraud. As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are honest. You are responsible for safeguarding your customers’ information. And, if something does go wrong, you may be responsible for paying for the losses they suffer.… Continue Reading

Dedicated Point of sale system

Benefits of Dedicated POS System What are the benefits of having a dedicated point of sale system in your business? As a business owner, you are responsible for a great deal of information. You need to always know what is happening within your organization, how your business is doing, and what your employees and customers… Continue Reading

Why Use a Professional POS System?

Is there a benefit to your company to use a professional POS system instead of using a free product? You may have access to some of the many free tools available today. These systems are effective in some cases, but they cannot offer you the amount of control and versatility you need. If you are… Continue Reading

Different POS Hardware: What To Consider

When it comes to keeping your point of system in the best possible working order, there is a great deal to think about and plan for including your POS hardware. Do you know the different POS hardware options available to you? In order for your software to run properly, you need several types of hardware… Continue Reading

Comparison of Free and Paid POS: Which Works for You?

You’ll find both free and paid POS, or point of sale systems, available to you. Both offer options. You can easily download and install a free program for your company and use that as your sole way of tracking income and sales. Yet, there are reasons why some products are free and others cost something.… Continue Reading

Point of Sale Software Systems: When to Upgrade

When to Upgrade Are you like many business owners that have put off the upgrade to new point of sale software systems? It’s quite common to put this off for as long as possible. The fact is, most business view the upgrade to a new system as a big investment and one they cannot possibly… Continue Reading

High Performance, Low Maintenance Point of Sale Hardware for Restaurants

The need for quality, high performance and low maintenance POS hardware for restaurants, cannot be overstated. There is nothing more frustrating to restaurant owners, staff and customers than to have to delay a customer because a piece of hardware on your POS system is malfunctioning (POS Terminal, Printer, Scanner, Credit card terminal). It is often… Continue Reading