The Best POS System Sales & Support

Smart POS offers complete restaurant Point of Sale solutions that can be easily customized for use in any and all hospitality environments. Spanning all restaurant segments from quick service to fine dining table service to bar/nightclub, delivery/takeout, hotels, resorts, casinos & multi unit establishments, Smart POS will provide the most reliable and easy to use… Continue Reading

What are my POS options for tableside payments?

POS options for tableside payments are not as limited as they were ten years ago. Companies continue to offer plug and play and handheld solutions to fit your restaurant’s needs. Through SecureTablePay, Evo offers receipt-less payment wherever your customers are. What is a tableside payment system? Tableside payment systems provide equipment and software that lets… Continue Reading

Credit Card Processing for POS Systems

Credit card processing for POS systems is a major concern when considering which technology to use. Credit cards are a significant source of revenue for restaurants. Despite their widespread adoption, merchant fees are already a burden. Being produced by EVO Payment solutions gives Smarter POS access to 150 currencies in a global market. How do… Continue Reading

POS Systems for Restaurants

There are numerous POS systems for restaurants. These range from off the shelf to customized software and come with numerous options. With an international reach and affordable price tag, Smarter POS helps the food and beverage industry succeed with superior management and branding. What should I look for in a POS system? The food and… Continue Reading

How does a credit card processing work with a POS system?

Credit cards are essential to conducting business but just how does a credit card processing system work with a POS system? These systems offer everything from payment processing to back office management tools. Most POS systems such as Evo’s Smarter POS, offers software and hardware that integrates credit card processing into payment. How do POS… Continue Reading

POS systems for franchises

POS systems for franchises need to be robust. Franchises require solid technologies that back the claims of their owners and are easy to deploy.  Cloud or networked solutions work well in this case. Evo provides a solution which easily integrates all locations. What type of POS system does a franchise need? Franchises require systems that… Continue Reading

Colorado Retail Sales & Trends

Business is booming in the sunshine state, and Colorado retail stats and trends show this. With the Denver residential and commercial real estate markets exploding, your business reaches more customers than ever before. Retail sales make up a healthy portion of the state’s What trends are affecting retail stores in Colorado Colorado is a progressive… Continue Reading

What is a Point of Sale (POS) System

Restaurants are businesses. Businesses need to track employee timesheets, manage payments, and make money. What is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an integrated hardware and software solution that allows you to easily manage the day to day operations of your restaurant. What functions does a point of sale system provide? Point of… Continue Reading

I just opened a retail store. How do I process Credit Cards?

Retail stores feel the pressure to increase their bottom line more than any other industry. One of the easiest ways to improve your bottom line is to process credit cards. Smarter POS offers easy and integrated solutions to help retailers process credit cards. How can processing credit cards improve my revenue? Credit cards are more… Continue Reading