Smart POS offers complete restaurant Point of Sale solutions that can be easily customized for use in any and all hospitality environments.

Spanning all restaurant segments from quick service to fine dining table service to bar/nightclub, delivery/takeout, hotels, resorts, casinos & multi unit establishments, Smart POS will provide the most reliable and easy to use Point of Sale system at the best price with superior service and support.

Bars & Nightclubs

Fast Casual

Table Service

Some of our satisfied customers:

Denver Botanic Garden *  Great West Life * Rib City Restaurants * Egg and I Restaurants * Dairy Queen * Embassy Suites Hotel * Regency Student Housing * Washingtons Sport Bar * Fort Collins  CO. * Miyama of Colorado * Candlelight Tavern * Coda Brewing Company * Emerald Isle Restaurant * Saddle Rock Golf Course * Meadow Hills Golf Course * Murphy Creek Golf Course * City Grille * Fork n’ Spoon * City Pub South


Designed as a turnkey solution that can grow with your business, Smart POS offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively manage your business. Smart POS can provide integrated time and attendance, integrated Credit Card payments, Gift Card & Loyalty, Inventory Control, Tableside ordering & payment, real time alerts, mobile management & a robust back office to help increase revenue, cut costs & boost your bottom line.

Smart POS has over 15 years experience meeting and exceeding the needs of customers in all hospitality environments. Bring your business to the next level of efficiency and profitability with Smart POS. Call us today at 303-309-1218 or email us to schedule a Demo.


What hardware do I need for my POS system and how much will it cost?

hardware-needed-for-pos-system-01POS systems come in many flavors with a variety of different costs. The hardware you need for your point of sale system, and the cost of the equipment will vary depending on the system you choose. Evo produces effective and affordable systems tailored to your company’s needs.

What Hardware do I need for a POS System?

A POS system typically requires payment terminals, registers, computers, and possibly additional hardware for such features as fingerprint recognition. The hardware you need depends on the legal and physical environment in which you operate. A pizzeria performing delivery differs greatly from the barbeque restaurant down the street.

pos-hardware-consultant-restaurants-bars-nightclubs-colorado-midwest-02Smaller and more mobile solutions are entering the market as well. Some companies offer a small plug and play device for a tablet. These devices tend to have fewer features and be less secure than a dedicated solution but are an option for smaller businesses.

A full POS increases efficiency in a variety of ways. Many such as Smarter POS contain time sheet and inventory management in addition to ticketing and payment systems.

Dedicated solutions provide the exact answer to your needs. Hardware ranges from touchscreens at the actual point of sale to the printer in the kitchen.

What equipment is required for a table payment or mobile system?

The world is going increasingly mobile. Tablets and handheld devices are increasingly common. These technologies increase efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

SecureTablePay combines state of the art payment processing with the speed of a mobile solution. By closing orders at the table, our system reduces the need to run between your customer and dedicated terminal. All that is required is a handheld device attached to your network.

Mobile systems can also reduce waste, providing a green benefit to your company. Closing open orders at the table via a mobile terminal avoids the need for a receipt. SecureTablePay allows customers to choose whether they want a receipt and in turn improves security and efficiency.

What POS software is available?

The number of POS systems available grows every year. Most companies require purchasing hardware. Even Stripe and Clover require purchasing their card processing equipment.

The software available ranges from the inventory tracking and payment processing available from nearly every provider to the time management and loyalty management applications available from Evo. Our company will work with you to provide whatever you require.

What does a point of sale system cost?


POS systems vary in cost depending on the features available. Smaller options such as PayPal and strip typically cost less than $500. When a more complex system is required, prices climb to $2500 or more.

Cost is entirely dependent on your needs. If you only need card processing and do not require the backend services and efficiencies that full solutions provide, the cost is lower than if you need fingerprinting or the routing solutions needed by a delivery company.

Smarter POS is a complete solution tailored to your business requirements at a reasonable price. Our satisfied customers include major chains such as Dairy Queen as well and the Denver Botanic gardens. Contact us today for a free quote. We will help you figure out exactly what hardware is required and how much it will cost.

Svend Bramsoe


How Much Does a Point of Sale System Cost? Expert Point of Sale. (2019). Available at https://www.expertmarket.com/pos/how-much-does-a-pos-system-cost

Should I use EVO payments as my POS Credit Card processor?

Should I use EVO payments as my POS Credit Card processor? Globalization and technology are making the marketplace more complex. EVO payments helps customers capture the market through affordable solutions that work. Our company’s presence in 50 more than 50 markets and ability to handle over 150 currencies makes us a global leader in point of sales systems.

Why should I accept credit cards?

Credit cards are quickly becoming among the most popular forms of payment. Only 24 percent of Americans use cash in transactions today. Up to 86 percent of all consumers use credit cards. A study by Intuit found that revenue grew for 83 percent of companies after accepting credit cards by as much as $20000 per month.

Credit cards offer a way to avoid the pain of purchasing. Customers spend more when using a credit card, up to $80 more depending on the type of product.

What credit cards does Evo Support?

Evo supports all popular credit card companies.  We support Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We strive to provide the broadest level of support possible and will work with you to fill your needs.

Can I integrate Evo Payment solutions with my existing products?

As a software company, we seek to integrate our services with your company easily. Whether creating a mobile app, working on your point of sale system, or creating a back-office solution, our products make payment and reporting easy.

Our intelligent platform and omnichannel commerce apps makes payment a snap. We quickly deploy in existing or new applications to provide the most robust solution possible. Through Snap, we offer developers an easy way to customize the payment experience.

In addition to payment systems, we offer best in class APIs built on our partnerships with leading ISOs continues to open new avenues to success. Our solutions are without borders and can help grow your international customer base.

Is Evo secure?

Evo takes great pains to ensure the security of your system. We closely watch transactions for anything that might raise a red flag and act accordingly. Our professionalism leads us to use the best industry practices in development and the deployment of our technology.

Our hardware solutions are equally security minded. Our processors accept pin and chip cards and receipt-less integration with handheld through SecureTablePay allows your company to avoid misplacing receipts.

What equipment is required to use Evo at a retailer?

Evo supplies the equipment required to process credit cards at your business. We make the process seamless. Simply request an account, and we send what you need to your address. If you are not satisfied with our products, submit a cancellation notice and return the equipment.

Can I run a loyalty program with Evo software?

Running a loyalty program through Evo software is possible. Our card processors handle gift cards to help you show appreciation for your customers. We also support direct mail campaigns and a variety of other value-added services through our point of sales systems.

Does Evo offer Support?

Evo offers support for every platform and are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have. Our Microsoft certified support staff can help you resolve problems and deploy our product at your retailer or e-commerce website.

Contact Smart POS today if you are looking to process cards securely. Our customized services aim to provide the solution you need without compromise.


What are Tableside payments and how can they help my restaurant business?

pos-tableside-payments-vendor-info-colorado-01There are many restaurant POS systems offering a variety of features including tableside payments. These payments are made in restaurants at a customers table. Smarter POS offers a unique and highly secure way to process payments in this manner without ever using a receipt.

How are payments made at a POS?

Payments are made at a POS system using a terminal or mobile device.  Equipment is available with or that integrates with your system and accepts credit cards, processes receipts, and completes a transaction.

In restaurants, there is often the need to move from a table to a dedicated terminal and back before a transaction is completed. This increases the time it takes to pay for products and services. A typical flow involves receiving a bill, offering cash or a credit card, and signing a receipt.

Can tableside payments increase my efficiency?

Not every tableside payment method is equal. Many require moving between a terminal and table. However, tableside systems do not require anything more than having the customer sign and pay for items in one step.

Smarter POS offers SecureTablePay. This software integrates with handheld devices and allows customers to sign and complete a transaction directly. When every step is combined, waiters handle more tables and increase your profit per person per hour.

How can I secure tableside payments?

tableside-payments-increase-effeciancy-profits-02Identity theft costs consumers as much as $16 billion per year. Fraudulent and stolen cards are an enormous problem. The issue can cost consumer trust and directly impact your income.

Securing payments is the same at the register as at the table. Credit card companies continue to incorporate new mechanisms while attempting to foil criminals. This includes using chip and pin systems.

SecureTablePay supports modern security mechanisms. We also include an additional measure. Receipts contain numbers could be used to piece together an entire card number. By closing a transaction without requiring a receipt, we grant your customer peace of mind and allow them to choose whether they need a receipt or not.

Our security measure not only increases security but reduces waste as well. Credit card receipts at a busy restaurant quickly fill waste bins.

Should I use an Ipad to process payments?

Ipads and other mobile devices are not inherently insecure. However, they are made for general usage and increase the number of ways a device can be compromised. Malware and viruses are more likely to affect these technologies as their operating systems and software offer more vulnerabilities in part because of the increased number of features.

Specific handheld devices tend to be more secure. Hackers do not normally target these types of equipment. Still, it is possible to gain access to your network which compromises more than just the device. It is important to secure your networks even if you are not processing payments at the table.

Smarter POS offers support in setting up your system. Our team of Microsoft certified industry veterans have extensive knowledge of hospitality technologies and the issues surrounding these technologies. We can offer advice to optimize your setup.

Improving efficiency is just a step away. Contact us today to find out how we can help you discover just what are tableside payments and figure out how they can help your restaurant business.


What are my POS options for tableside payments?

secure-table-pay-provider-point-of-sale-systemPOS options for tableside payments are not as limited as they were ten years ago. Companies continue to offer plug and play and handheld solutions to fit your restaurant’s needs. Through SecureTablePay, Evo offers receipt-less payment wherever your customers are.

What is a tableside payment system?

tableside-payments-pos-system-vendor-colorado-01Tableside payment systems provide equipment and software that lets an employee close a sale in front of customers without requiring a register. These systems range from small card readers integrated with a tablet to a handheld credit card processor.

The typical payment flow at a restaurant involves having the server hand your customer a bill. A dedicated terminal is then used to complete the sale as the waiter moves back and forth between the consumer and hardware. Tableside payments eliminate the need for a dedicated terminal.

What tableside payment options are available for my business?

Tableside payment systems are available from many POS providers. Evo, Clover, and stripe all offer options for mobile payment.
Tableside systems are relatively inexpensive compared to an overall point of sales system. They tend to cost as little as $59 to $100 for each device. Multiple devices are required to increase efficiency. If possible, each server would have their own equipment.

Our SecureTablePay system integrates with your handheld device to provide secure and simple payments without going beyond your POS. We provide integration with all major credit card solutions and a true one-to-many solution.

How can tableside payments help my business?

customer-payments-system-at-table-pos-02When a server or waiter moves between hardware and a customer, they interact with a bottleneck in your business. A single register greatly effects how many orders a restaurant processes each hour. This is particularly true at a bar or busy restaurant. Closing out customers at the end of the night is error-prone as well.

Tableside payment systems remove the impediment of having a single point of sale. Servers give customers a handheld device to completes a sale without any additional steps. Meanwhile, your servers, waiters, and bartenders free to serve other customers.

These systems are also more convenient for your customer. The National Restaurant Association found that 70 percent of surveyed customers believe technology expedites services and increases order accuracy.

How secure are tableside payment options?

Security is a major concern when implementing tableside payments. Closing the sale in front of the customer gets rid of issues related to receipts. However, these systems should implement the most up to date measures to avoid identity theft. Such measures include chip and pin systems and data encryption.

Smaller systems that work with iPads and tablets are more susceptible to viruses and malware. Hackers tend to target systems with the widest adoption. These technologies are used by more people for a variety of tasks, making them popular targets.
Smarter POS offers the most modern and acceptable security measures. We only partner with trusted ISOs as well. You still need to ensure that your network is secure. Evo offers 24/7 support from Microsoft certified professionals to help any questions you might have.

Contact us today if you are looking for a one-to-many tableside solution. We offer an all-inclusive and customizable solution amidst the sea of POS options for tableside payments.

Call Today for a Demo:

Svend Bramsoe



Bryan, Nicole. The Benefits of Tableside POS for Restaurant Owners and Servers. Food News (October 2017). Available at https://www.foodnewsfeed.com/fsr/vendor-bylines/benefits-tableside-pos-restaurant-owners-and-servers.

Credit Card Processing for POS Systems

credit-card-processing-solution-pos-system-01Credit card processing for POS systems is a major concern when considering which technology to use. Credit cards are a significant source of revenue for restaurants. Despite their widespread adoption, merchant fees are already a burden. Being produced by EVO Payment solutions gives Smarter POS access to 150 currencies in a global market.

How do credit cards affect my business?

Many small businesses and startups have little leeway for fees. Even so, the average merchant fee among credit card processors is typically between 2 and 3 percent of a sale. Clients generally pay a higher cost when using credit.

Despite the additional cost, accepting credit cards drives sales. A survey by Intuit found that 83 percent of businesses saw an increase in revenue after starting to take credit. Fifty-two percent of companies saw an increase of at least $1000 with 18 percent receiving a boost of $20000 each month.

Not only do credit cards broaden the customer base but they lead to increased spending. For restaurant employees and employers, this means that tips often increase as well. The money in their wallet is not limiting the amount your customer spends.

Some credit card companies allow you to negotiate a fee. Many providers offer tiered accounts with lower costs at higher volumes of sales.

Do I need to purchase additional equipment to accept credit cards?

best-cc-co-for-point-of-sale-system-colorado-vendor-support-sales-02If your hardware does not provide a point of sales system, you need to purchase additional software. This allows you to take advantage of the efficiencies generated by an electronic payment system.

The Smarter POS system offers integrated credit card payments and a variety of features. Our SecureTablePay, operating in over 2000 restaurants, works with more than 20 of the top restaurant management systems. We work with you to increase efficiency and drive sales with whichever provider you choose.

The efficiencies that our system provide are a benefit to both your servers and your bottom line. Efficiency increases the revenue per person per hour while allowing your waiters to handle more tables. The system also closes a sale from the pinpad, avoiding the potential security issues related to credit card receipts.

Alternative options such as Stripe exist. However, obtaining inventory tracking and the power of a full point of sale system means purchasing additional software.

What are the most commonly accepted credit cards?

accept-cc-cards-pos-system-bar-restaurant-franchise-03Businesses in America face a wide variety of options when considering which credit cards to support. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are the largest providers. However, banks such as Chase also offer options to qualified customers.

Many of the most popular credit card companies require good to excellent credit for your customer to become a cardholder. Companies are as concerned about being paid back as you. This is particularly true if they charge an extra fee to use their systems.

Point of sales systems may charge a fee to access your merchant account. For example, Stripe includes a 2.9 percent processing fee with an additional charge of 30 cents for a successful transaction. These fees often cover the merchant fee and give you access to any other software required to process a credit card.

Credit card processing for POS systems is common. Smarter POS offers superior quality and the prospect of better efficiency. Contact Svend Bramsoe today to find out how our POS systems can benefit your restaurant.


POS Systems for Restaurants

best-pos-system-for-restaurant-colorado-01There are numerous POS systems for restaurants. These range from off the shelf to customized software and come with numerous options. With an international reach and affordable price tag, Smarter POS helps the food and beverage industry succeed with superior management and branding.

What should I look for in a POS system?

The food and beverage industry has a unique set of requirements. Restaurant owners must be capable of dealing with inventory, managing rapid turnover, training, and making payments. Meanwhile, customers demand satisfaction.


A good point of sale system blends the power of simplicity with speed and availability. Employees must easily integrate the system into their daily routines while customers need powerful payment mechanisms. Support for personnel and inventory management is critical as well, saving time and money.

In today’s world, many restaurants need a global reach as well. Globalization and the ease of travel made tourism to the United States popular. It is not uncommon to have customers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas visit an establishment, especially in major cities and popular recreation spots.

Should I customize my POS system?

POS systems need to work with your company instead of against it. That is why major pizza chains tend to rely on customized software. Not every restaurant is the same. In fact, many chains prefer to build their systems.

Beyond functionality, a brand is incredibly important in the food and beverage industry. With many different options to choose from, you need to be identified to retain a loyal customer base. Personalized screens and a unique user interface enrich your environment and help you stand out among your peers.

Smarter POS is highly customizable. Our a-la-carte system, Matire’D, can be tuned to your brand with ease. We offer standard features such as time management, credit card processing, and gift card and loyalty tracking alongside back office support and custom development as well.

What are the benefits of the Smarter POS system?

pos-hardware-software-cc-support-installation-co-pos-expert-03Matire’D is available, simple, and affordable. Our POS system spans over 50 markets across the globe with more than 150 available currencies. We offer customization to fit the needs of our clients as well.

Bars, night clubs, table service establishments, and the fast-casual industry all benefit from our software. Our satisfied customers include Dairy Queen, Egg and I, Coda Brewing Company, golf courses, and even the Denver Botanic gardens.

What are the POS systems available for restaurants?

There are many POS systems for restaurants. TouchPoint, Toast, and TouchBitro are just a few. Each comes with different features and different pricing.

Our system boasts adoption at many different locations. Whether you are a golf club containing a bar, a full-service restaurant, or the local pizza joint, we help everyone succeed.

What does a restaurant POS system cost?

Companies charge different rates for different equipment. Typical software costs a restaurant between $50 and $200 per month. Hardware, another consideration, can cost as much as $4000.

The restaurant industry is competitive. Contact Smarter POS today to discover how we can benefit your brand.

Svend Bramsoe

How does a credit card processing work with a POS system?

cc-processor-point-of-sale-system-colorado-03Credit cards are essential to conducting business but just how does a credit card processing system work with a POS system? These systems offer everything from payment processing to back office management tools. Most POS systems such as Evo’s Smarter POS, offers software and hardware that integrates credit card processing into payment.

How do POS systems process credit cards?

Tcredit-card-processing-with-pos-systems-01he rise of simple off the shelf solutions changed the way that point of sale systems work in the past few years. Small devices and downloadable software allow everyone to obtain payment processing help. Every POS requires specialized hardware to process cards.

Hardware requirements for credit card processing are minimal. A POS needs to have either a card swiper or pin and chip system which allows your system to read a card number and send information to a provider.
If your payment processor is plug and play, additional software is almost always required to contact a credit card company and verify your merchant account. This brings the cost of a simple processor up to that of an inclusive system.

How much does a credit card processor cost?

Credit card processors are inexpensive. They run from $59 for a small plug and play device to $500 for a larger handheld system that incorporates the entire payment processing system.

Higher priced options offer more features. Low cost options require additional software, costing up to $500 for the capability to complete a sale. Other options, costing roughly the same, complete a sale on the device in secure and efficient way.

Why should I use a credit card processor?


Credit cards increase revenues. An Intuit study found that 83 percent of businesses starting to accept credit cards saw an increase in income by as much as $20000 per month. Fifty-four percent of businesses saw an increase of at least $1000 each month.

Payment processing software requires a merchant account. Credit card providers charge a one-point-five to three percent fee for each purchase. However, customers tend to spend more when using credit cards, as much as $80 more depending on the item.

What credit cards does a POS system accept?

Credit card companies need to be reputable and easy to work with. To ensure ease of use and security, POS companies support the most popular cards. American Express, Discover, Visa, and Chase are among the most common options today.

Smarter POS and Snap by Evo accepts these major carriers. However, our system is customizable and we will work with you to provide the most extensive solution possible.

How can I ensure that my credit card processor is secure?

security-of-credit-cards-with-pos-system-top-co-vendor-04Identity theft is a major issue for POS systems and credit card providers. Fraudulent and stolen cards cost consumers as much as $16 billion each year. A breach costs trust in your business.

Smarter POS and other systems offer chip and pin processors and other modern features to give customers peace of mind. SecureTablePay also offers tableside payments which reduce the visibility of a credit card number and work to increase efficiency and even reduce paper waste for businesses. All trusted systems and processing software encrypt data.

Still, it is also necessary for stores to provide a secure environment. This means following appropriate guidelines for password protection and networking hardware. Evo offers 24/7 customer support from certified Microsoft professionals to help you get started.

If you are wondering just exactly how does credit card processing work with a POS system, Svend at Smart POS can help. Our simple registration, setup, and cancellation processes can help drive your revenue. Contact us today.

Smart POS
Svend Bramsoe

POS systems for franchises

pos-for-franchise-co-midwest-top-vendor-01POS systems for franchises need to be robust. Franchises require solid technologies that back the claims of their owners and are easy to deploy.  Cloud or networked solutions work well in this case. Evo provides a solution which easily integrates all locations.

What type of POS system does a franchise need?

Franchises require systems that manage either part or an entire franchise. Back-office support, integrating data from different locations, and helping general managers perform accurate inventory management are all parts of a POS system at this level.

This differs greatly from simply integrating your system with Quickbooks or an excel spreadsheet. Where a small shopkeeper can track all metrics in one place and knows how well the entire company is performing, a franchise owner with many locations relies on others to stay up to date. The otherwise simple process of collecting and analyzing data becomes a coordinated effort.

Due to the complexities, many franchises opt to build their own POS systems. However, these systems can be fraught with errors. The company does not focus on building out the software and often places its POS system on the backburner for more pressing needs. A lack of care results in outdated batch processing systems, sluggish response, and inefficiencies that hurt the bottom line.

When a POS works correctly, it can vastly improve your business. Integrated reporting and management saves time and can vastly increase the revenue per person per hour.  Franchise wide POS systems place insights in one place, in a reliable and easy to access manner.

What types of payment systems are available for franchises?

There are several solutions available for franchises looking for a point of sale system. Among the oldest are Smart POS, lightspeed and LivePOS. Each aggregates data company-wide.

Our solution works with customers such as Dairy Queen to offer a powerful all in one solution for the franchise. Since many franchises require more than an off the shelf solution provides, we also work with our customers to provide a system that works for them.

What if my franchise wants to build a custom POS?

best-pos-system-colorado-for-franchise-02There are times where an external POS does not fit the needs of a company. Franchises such as Papa Johns produce their own system to handle the complexities of delivery. This may be the only solution you are left with if you have an extremely unique need. Still, our company tries to work with customers no matter the situation.

Even if you find yourself building a POS system, it is important to use a trusted payment processor. Today’s software development does not require creating entirely new solutions for every part of a system. This is especially true of shopping carts and credit card processors.

In the case of payment, it is advisable to find a trustworthy partner that can still provide an all-in-one solution for your credit card providers. These companies have years of experience and deploy the latest security measures to keep you secure and open.

Evo Payments is connected to the worldwide marketplace, used in 50 different countries and handling over 150 currencies. We support ever major credit card company.

If you are looking for a solid POS system for franchises or a payment application for your custom application, Smart POS can help. Contact us today to find out just how we can help you drive growth.

Call POS expert Svend Bramsoe at Smart POS today:

Colorado Retail Sales & Trends

colorado-retail-sales-and-trends-01Business is booming in the sunshine state, and Colorado retail stats and trends show this. With the Denver residential and commercial real estate markets exploding, your business reaches more customers than ever before. Retail sales make up a healthy portion of the state’s

What trends are affecting retail stores in Colorado

Colorado is a progressive state where entrepreneurs experiment. From the brewery trends of the 1990s to medical and recreational marijuana, the state has many multi-billion-dollar industries. Other trends affecting the state

This explosion is not without issues. It is harder to find qualified people in the retail and food services industries. Employment opportunities grew by 13.7 percent in 2018. The minimum wage rose to $11.10 but even fast food companies, due to the high cost of living and the need for people, over $13.50 or more per hour.

Even with the rise in wages, the Colorado retail market outperformed many others across the country in 2018. Marijuana sales were a significant driver of growth.

Aside from a few key industries, Colorado consumers follow trends. Modern customers love the experience, and successful companies are tapping into the growing trend of providing more than just products. Inventory free retail hubs are growing across the world.

What trends are affecting restaurants in Colorado?

The tourism industry provides a steady stream of customers, but there are still obvious trends in the Denver restaurant industry. In 2018, breakfast restaurants such as Snooze grew to new heights while Middle Eastern cuisine became more popular. Coloradans still enjoy staple industry foods. Tap and Burger bars opened to acclaim across the greater Denver area.

Predictions for 2019 show a growth in the use of technology. IPads and handheld devices are growing in popularity and driving experience over just the product. SecureTablePay by Evo is just one available device.

Where can I open a business in Colorado?

retail-sales-data-colorado-2017-2018-2019-02Even if the residential real estate market is exploding, the commercial real estate is cheap. A CBRE study of the top performing markets in the country found that the lease rate is among the lowest with the average price per square foot hovering at $16.90. Construction companies are more likely to build out commercial space than accept residential projects, delivering the second most retail space in the 2017 study.

The most promising cities to open a business in the state are along the Front Range. Population and income growth, education levels, and median household income are growing at a faster pace in Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder than elsewhere.

Still, other parts of the state are riding the upswing in sales. As new residents explore the mountains, towns such as Glenwood Springs are experiencing growth. Glenwood Springs saw $120.5 million in total restaurant, bar, hotel, and motel sales in 2018.

How much revenue does the average retail business in Colorado make?

colorado-retail-revenue-data-info-03Restaurants brought in $615,849,000 in total sales in Denver for the last available reported year, 2015. The entire state saw over $6 billion in total sales in the same year. Year over year, sales are experiencing linear growth. However, that rate grew faster after 2014 bolstered by an increase in population and rising incomes.

Retail stores follow a similar trend even as the situation looks increasingly dire across the country. Colorado retail stores saw over $1 billion in revenue in January of 2017 according to the latest report by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Growing revenue requires spotting trends and improving efficiencies. Point of sales systems offer reporting, payment, and other solutions to make retail operations simple. Contact Smarter POS today. Let’s discuss how we can help your business.

Smart POS
Svend Bramsoe


Bennett, Matthew. Glenwood’s lodging, dining industries serve up healthy 2018 sales rebound. Post Independent (26 February 2019): https://www.postindependent.com/news/local/glenwoods-lodging-dining-industries-serve-up-healthy-2018-sales-rebound/

Denver’s Retail Market Outperforming Other US Markets. Mile High CRE (21 June 2018):

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What is a Point of Sale (POS) System

what-is-pos-system-top-vendor-colorado-01Restaurants are businesses. Businesses need to track employee timesheets, manage payments, and make money. What is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an integrated hardware and software solution that allows you to easily manage the day to day operations of your restaurant.

What functions does a point of sale system provide?

Point of sale systems handle a variety of tasks related to the daily and even quarterly operation of your food and beverage business. They track inventory, process payments, calculate sales tax, handle payroll, and can manage loyalty programs.

Extensive solutions offer hardware that covers every part of your business. This includes not only the register, back office, and handheld payment system but the ticket printer in the kitchen as well. Every aspect of your operations is covered by a POS system.

The restaurant industry is a particularly fleeting industry. Managers and employees often change companies after only a single year. This means that your company needs to easily track every aspect of business.

Our system, Smarter POS, offers additional features as well including paperless sales and integration with handheld devices. This allows you to achieve even greater revenue per person per hour.

What hardware options are available for POS systems?

Point of sale systems are keeping up with the newest technologies. This includes access to tablets, terminals, and mobile devices.

Finding the right point of sale system requires deciphering what hardware is required by your restaurant. Wait staff may require handheld devices and tablets. Weight scales may be necessary if you have an attached deli. Restaurants are unique and solutions need to meet your needs.

The Smarter POS is highly customizable. We not only offer customizable buttons and a brand specific look and feel but will create whatever software required by your company. A brewery is not the same as a deli or pizzeria.

How secure are POS systems

point-of-sale-system-for-restaurant-general-info-02Security is a major concern in the modern world. Retailers need to be keenly aware of the issues facing payment processing and information management. The recent hack of Target’s customer data occurred through the air conditioning system.

Retailers face additional issues when processing payments. Credit card fraud is a common form of identity theft. 37 percent of all card fraud includes counterfeiting while an additional fourteen percent is the result of lost or stolen cards.

SecureTablePay, a part of Smarter POS, offers a full set of security features. Data is encrypted and our hardware systems include pin and chip readers. Additionally, our software is paperless and requires no receipts.

Will a POS system work outdoors

POS systems work on your network. This means that the same hardware extending your wi-fi connection makes your system available everywhere. New technologies are making networks increasingly potent in even the worst scenarios.

Evo Payment Solutions offers consulting to ensure that your POS system is available everywhere. We provide help with extra routers and networking cables to connect your hardware. Your system is available whether your location has a large deck or many different rooms and booths.

Just what is a Point of Sale (POS) System? It is an all-encompassing solution allowing you to easily manage your restaurant operations. Smarter POS offers an abundance of efficiencies that help improve your efficiency and profits. Contact us today to find out more.


How Much Does a Point of Sale System Cost? Expert Point of Sale. (2019): https://www.expertmarket.com/pos/how-much-does-a-pos-system-cost