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Welcome to Smart POS Colorado Serving the hospitality industry for over 20 years, we are your local one stop shop for all restaurant, bar, quick service and retail point-of-sale POS systems in Colorado. We will successfully implement any POS configuration imaginable for your unique business. As hospitality professionals, we are dedicated to anticipating and exceeding… Continue Reading

POS Software Tailored To Your Specific Needs Get an end-to-end, personalized solution for your restaurant with all of the features you need to maximize throughput, grow revenue, and improve guest experience. Point-of-sale Custom menu build Table layouts Labor management Multi-location management Learn More Continue Reading


Being a medical marijuana dispensary owner, you have to work to stay in compliance with the ever-changing laws around this industry. You have to follow the guideline for inventory management, hold on to sales, improve client management, all the while keeping your business safe from penalties on legal grounds. To streamline your daily business tasks,… Continue Reading


Do you need information on franchise POS systems? Making a technology decision for your business chain will require a lot of thinking. You need to consider various things and choose the best point of sale system, which can facilitate your chain of stores or restaurants for a long time. The right choice of POS system… Continue Reading


Bars are great places for people to gather and connect. Every bar has to offer its services depending on the type of people that usually frequent it. You, as a bar owner, have to take care of things to make sure your customers enjoy and keep coming back. You need to see if the drinks… Continue Reading

Different Kinds of POS Systems

What are the different kinds of POS systems? A POS system is a great help for a wide range of business types, from one-door shops to multi-location large companies. To assist you in choosing the best POS system for your business, we have highlighted below a few suggestions with a brief description. (Source) 1.     Tablet… Continue Reading

What To Look For In A Great POS System

The present era of technology and innovation has elevated competition in the business world. Running a business smoothly, plus effectively has been the biggest concern. If you have been going through the same business stability loop, then let go of the stress. Instead, start investing in a great POS system. Before you make any investments,… Continue Reading

Retail POS Systems

What Is A Retail POS System? A retail POS system is the terminal or area where all the transactions take place. At the Point of sale, the employee or merchant calculates the amount the customers owe to the retail store. In the next step, the total amount prints on a paper receipt (invoice). Lastly, the… Continue Reading

Point of Sale System Hardware Costs

What are the point of sale system hardware costs? Before you decide the point of sale system for your business, you should check if you have the investment to get such a set-up or not. Purchasing POS software is comparatively easier and far cheaper than the basic hardware that you need to operate a POS… Continue Reading

POS System for Franchises

What Is A Franchise? Do you need a POS system for your franchise? A franchise is a business running under the name/logo of a known brand, at a different place, with different management. For this reason, there is a possibility of miscommunication and mismanagement. Issues with the management of accounts, confusing sales reports, etc. are… Continue Reading

Point Of Sale Systems For Hospitality Businesses

Do you need a POS system for your hospitality business? The term hospitality signifies entertaining and hosting of guests by a business. Therefore, some possible places where POS systems serve the hospitality industry include: Pizzeria Nightclub Fine Dining Café Winery Fast Casual Quick Service Bar Brewery Spa and Beauty Salon The list mainly points towards… Continue Reading

How Much Point of Sale Hardware Do I Need for My Business?

How much point of sale hardware do you need for my business? It’s hard to specify the number of hardware elements you need for POS system setup as the type and number of components varies from one merchant to another. One business might go overboard with the set-up and include fancy and overpriced peripheral devices.… Continue Reading