POS for Restaurants

pos-system-package-deal-for-restaurant-01Point of Sale systems make ordering at restaurants in Colorado easier than ever. With the latest technology, servers can now send your order to the back of house right from your table. Since the 2000s, POS systems have moved to the cloud, meaning all of the data is stored in servers, rather than at the restaurants location. This innovation has allowed POS systems to integrate their hardware and software, making the systems more accessible and mobile.

Mobility for ordering

Before Point of Sale systems, servers would hand write orders and give them to the chef. Legibility would vary from server to server, and in a fast paced environment the chef may not have had the time to double check an order. POS systems solve the legibility problem and improve service speed.

POS ordering at your table

pos-for-fine-dining-restaurant-colorado-02Today, instead of servers writing your order down on paper, walking to a register at the back of house and inputting data, servers can now send your order right from the table. This means it will be ready faster and with improved accuracy. No more frustrated chef’s trying to read the server’s scribble and making potential mistakes with orders. Accuracy means a happy customer and return business.

POS ordering without a server

An even newer technology allows for customers to place orders themselves through a tablet placed directly on the table. This eliminates the need for a server, meaning management can save on costs. Even further, it reduces the chances of order inaccuracy, since the customer is inputting the order themselves. Many customers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of this system.

Mobility for analytics

Mobility is also incredibly useful for managers and owners. Not only can managers access and analyze data on computers, but smartphone apps give an added layer of mobility during a busy day. A manager can easily glance at restaurant stats on the go on their phone to see how their store’s are performing that day.

Analyzing promotions at a glance

If you’re running a one day promotion and want to track the status out-of-pocket, your POS app has you covered. In between meetings on a busy day, you can quickly open up your POS app to see a detailed view of sales and promotion stats. This conveniently shows you if the promotion is a success or failure.

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