Investors are Backing Marijuana Businesses at an All-Time High

MarijuanaWith many states legalizing recreational marijuana and commercialization becoming a hot topic in the industry, it’s no secret that more investors and entrepreneurs are entering the sector now than ever before. Cannabis is even starting to play a role in the stock market, with more major marijuana stocks expected to appear as we approach 2020. But hidden behind the mainstream remains a bustling market of boutiques and delivery services that generate billions in revenue, creating a market that tops all other crops combined. Most of that income is being generated by small to medium sized cannabis businesses, many of which are starting to attract investors of their own. With that said, here are a few reasons why investors have become so keen on cannabis business in recent years:

Better Accounting and Regulations

With the advent of specialized Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems designed specifically for dispensaries, investors are beginning to take note of how well-managed many marijuana businesses are. From a safety standpoint, investors like to mitigate risk by only backing companies that are committed to consistent record-keeping and reporting. Likewise, they like to put their funds into industries that are well-regulated, as those tend to be more stable than the previous Wild Wild West state of affairs that the cannabis industry has largely graduated from.

Consecutive Decades of High Product Demand and Value

Aside from recent advancements in cannabis business management, the industry’s historical track record also makes it an appealing investment choice. For many years cannabis has maintained a remarkably high value per pound when compared to all other medicinal herbs and agricultural products. When you consider the fact that a pound of broccoli sells for about $1.80, whereas a pound of premium cannabis sells for $2,000+, it’s obvious why any savvy investor would want in on that opportunity.

MarijuanaMore States and Jurisdictions Becoming Cannabis-Friendly

Perhaps the primary and most self-explanatory reason why investors are really starting to jump on the cannabis bandwagon is the recent wave of acceptance that has seen marijuana becoming medically and recreationally legal in more than half the states in the U.S.

Using a PoS is an Essential Step in Soliciting Investors

MarijuanaSince most investors will want to see a record of some level of success before they’ll believe in your business, it makes sense to keep track of everything digitally. A good cannabis PoS makes it possible to record every single order in the most accurate and comprehensive manner. Such transparency and accountability are always positive attributes in the eyes of prospective investors.

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